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Awesome Wedding Transport Ideas

The missus is harping on about vintage cars, camper vans and buses for wedding transport. You find yourself unable to choose between cliché and even bigger cliché. Surely all the transport in all the land means you can arrive for your big day (or leave together) in an exciting and unique vehicle. I once heard a guy turned up to his own wedding in a hearse… and emerged from a coffin. I’m not at all suggesting you give your Mum a heart attack being pulling a stunt like that – but you have to admit you would probably rather like to impress your mates. The following awesome wedding transport ideas take inspiration from TV and film – and you would certainly be the talk of the year with these alternative and original ideas. 

The Mystery Machine 

Instantly recognisable, this psychedelic camper has been the Scooby Doo gang’s van since the 70’s. A more recent series and an animated movie have been released so young and old alike will recognise it. You can hear the voices now “It’s mean, it’s green, it’s the Mystery Machine!”


1980’s TV series Knight Rider saw a pre Baywatch David Hasselhoff as futuristic crime fighter Michael Knight.  By far overpowering the Hoff’s attempts at cool was the car he drove – KITT. An artificial intelligent, fully communicating and nearly indestructible car. To be honest you could probably sack off your best man for KITT instead. I reckon you would be pretty legendary showing up for your big day in this baby.

The Trotter’s Three Wheeler

Moving on to a whole different sort of cool – Del boy’s bright yellow Reliant Robin is sure to strike up a few conversations. Complete with blow up doll (you could even dress her in a wedding dress!) Trotters Independent Trading, New York – Paris – Peckham and soon coming to a place near you. You would be a plonker not to. 

J urassic Park Explorer

All your boyhood dreams come true. Actually if we’re honest we properly loved the new film too. Weddings aren’t so different to Jurassic Park really, complete with Bridezilla and your Mother in law. This 1993 Ford Explorer replica is guaranteed to make quite the entrance, rather like Rexy herself. 

Ghostbusters Ecto 1

Wedding transport. Who you gonna call? These people of course, offering an old American Cadillac Miller-Meteor all pimped up to Ghostbuster Ecto 1 perfection. In a way brides are similar to ghosts – all trussed up in a white sheet!


Over thirty years ago we saw time travelling Marty McFly and Doc Brown on our screens. We think this choice is highly appropriate as Marty was on a romantic mission to get his parents together in order to secure his very existence. Dolorean could help your very own love story by seeing you off into the sunset. It’s the future of wedding transport, so let’s get back to it!

We can sense your pulses are racing for all these alternative wedding transport ideas. But if you are really into it take a look at Star Car hire for a variety of TV, film and other recognisable cars. Do let us know if you have any luck making these awesome cars apart of your big day!

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