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About Us



The team at Gents Events have been developing Product Ranges and Events since the early 90's. Therefore we know what we are doing when it comes to bringing you the best Party Products and Party Events available. We love the party industry and we love what we do, therefore we will continue to bring you a refreshed fun offering time and time again.  We are a team of 20 plus Party Experts who are experts within our relevant fields.  Our Business Development team are tasked with finding the very best suppliers and building fantastic relationships so that we are able give you the very best deals.  Our Party Planners and Organisers know each and every city inside out, ensuring that you get to go to the best bars in town and take part in the best activities on offer.  Our Marketing team is devoted in creating the best customer experience throughout the website and other channels. We are the Party Experts and you are in the best hands!


We Care

Our Company philosophy has never been 'one size fits all'. We are passionate that your party event is the best ever and suited to your group. Some groups are after a daytime adventure event whereas others want an evening event, therefore we ensure we get to know what type of group you are and advise accordingly. This is why we have developed packages that accommodate all group types.


We are flexible to booking amendments

When organising a group event it is inevitable that you may need some alterations after you have paid a deposit. We understand this and unlike most other companies, we do not charge you for any amendments. Other companies charge up to £35 per person for every single alteration to booking. All we ask is that 6 weeks prior to your party package OR 4 weeks prior to your party activity your details are confirmed


Secure Payments

Payments at Gents Events could not be any simpler. Our unique payment portal allows parties to pay individually making it a hassle free procedure. We offer a whole host of payment options which ensure paying for your event does not become a headache! Whether that is monthly plans or small deposits. This ensures the maximum people attend and you don't have any of the hassle!


Personalised Parties

Everything we do is totally personalised to meet your exact needs. All our quotes contain an extremely high level of detail about everything that will be included in your package, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Our pick and mix section ensures you are fully aware of the options on offer to your group.


Tried and tested suppliers

We only use the very best suppliers as we have your best interests at heart! Our Party Planners have been on all activities so can talk to you personally about each event (hard job we know, but someone has to do it!). 

our Real life stags explain why you should book with GentsEvents