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The Most Expensive Movie Stag Parties

The most expensive movie stag parties

The Most Expensive Movie Stag Parties

Stag and hen parties are renowned for getting a bit out of hand, but in Hollywood, they really know how to take it to the next level. Movies like The Hangover and The Wolf of Wall Street have shown us some truly wild nights full of drunkenness, debauchery and just a few mishaps along the way. But if you wanted to relive the shenanigans of the Wolf Pack on your own stag party, just how much would it cost?

A trip to Vegas certainly isn’t cheap – in the Hangover, the gang spend $4200 for just one night in a lavish suite at Caesar’s Palace, and breakfast at the same hotel can set you back $60 a head. But as we’re sure you remember, this definitely wasn’t where the expenses ended in the film.

After waking up in an utterly trashed suite, the guys spend the day trying to establish exactly what happened the night before, eventually piecing together a story of kidnapped tigers, spontaneous Vegas weddings, and a (self-inflicted) missing tooth.  If you tally up the costs of all this – the damage, the medical bills, the price of an impromptu wedding – it turns out the Wolf Pack’s shenanigans would have left them facing a very hefty bill.

If you want to know exactly how much would have been spent, take a look at this infographic created by Mad Max Adventures. They’ve done the research and crunched all the numbers to provide you with a final bill on the ‘The Hangover’ bachelor party. There’s also a bonus section included on The Wolf of Wall Street, just in case you fancy hiring a private jet for your stag do. Take a look below! 

Movie stag do at a fraction of the cost

If you want to recreate your own movie stag party but without the price tag. After all, we don’t all have that kind of money stashed away to fund our wolf pack antics. Here is our realistic Movie stag party equivalent.

Stag do Location: London

So to cut a large chunk of the budget we will forgo any planes and stick to travelling in the UK for this stag party! Gather your wolf pack and head to The Cumberland based in the heart of London. 10 mins from Oxford Street and Hyde Park you are in the prime location for your London stag do.

Stag do Accommodation: The Cumberland

The Cumberland is a sleek and contemporary gold hotel with spectacular pieces of art decorating the entrance and lobby, so best to avoid racking up damages like in The Hangover and best to leave all Bengal tigers at home! Your hotel stay includes a breakfast so you won’t have to fork out $180 like the gang did at Bacchanal Buffet.

Stag do Activities for Saturday: Playboy club Casino, Whiskey Cocktail making and ICEBAR

Once checked in it’s time to hit the Playboy club Casino to recreate that Las Vegas feel. Your playboy club casino includes a 2-hour casino session with a croupier playboy bunny, 3 ice cold beers each, scrumptious sharing platters, table service and a shot to round up the evening.

Then after the casino tables, it’s time to learn 3 whisky cocktails at the iconic playboy club, to help get you on your way to achieving the Hangover without Alan's help.

Time for some iconic once in a lifetime views and where else than the ICEBAR! This London stag do is all about iconic once in a lifetime experiences! Hopefully keeping the memory of it.

Stag do Activities for Sunday: Escape Room and Indoor Go Karting

The next morning it’s time to look at parts of a puzzle and see if you can make heads or tails out of it with one hell of a hangover. Hopefully no baby or new facial tattoo to accompany you. Work as a team to make sense out of your chosen Escape room and get out in time without leaving a man behind!

If you can escape, it’s time to get everyone to the church on time! So time to put the pedal to the metal and burn some rubber on one of our indoor Go karting tracks to make sure you are up for the task at hand.

This London stag do from start to finish will set each of the lads back on average £375.50 which is a pretty penny in comparison to the $175,400 the boy racked up in The Hangover! All that is left is the crazy antics in between. If you have any questions or want any further information on any of the packages mentioned pleased contact our party planners on 0115 941 5282.


Movie stag parties Infographic

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