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How to plan the perfect stag do in Cheltenham

How to plan the perfect stag weekend in Cheltenham

You might be thinking, why would I go to Cheltenham for a stag do? It’s only good for the races! Well we beg to differ.

This unexpected city has a lot to offer and doesn’t disappoint! Beat the hustle and bustle of the big city and those costly congestions charges by heading to Cheltenham. Enjoy the perks of the big city whilst keeping costs at bay. Here’s our guide to the perfect Cheltenham stag do.

Arriving in Cheltenham

How to plan the perfect stag do in Cheltenham

Whether you are traveling car, train or bus consider all your options, the drawbacks and the benefits for your stag group.

  • Car:

Traveling by car gives you the ease of heading directly to your hotel, however there are some drawbacks to consider. For one, you’ll need a designated driver both there and back! No one enjoys a hangover let alone with the looming drive home ahead of you. Also don’t forget to consider if you’ll need to pay for parking also.

The bus or coach will be the cheapest option at only around £3 from London. There are also no designated drivers and you get straight into the heart of the city. However, unfortunately no drinking on the bus.

Whilst being slightly out the city centre it would only take a short 6 minute taxi ride or a 20 minute walk from the station to the city centre. This, on the other hand, is outweighed by being able to drink on the train! You might as well start the stag do off early! Just remember to consider the other passengers lads!


How to plan the perfect stag do in Cheltenham - The Promenade

Once you have all checked in and sorted out who’s looking after who tonight, you might want to have a look around the city before showing Cheltenham how to party later on! Head down to the Promenade and check out some of the high end and unique shops, perfect
for finding something to remember the stag do by. Everyone will be able to find something. At the end of the Promenade there’s the Montpellier District, here there are a few quirky bars to get your drink on and a perfect opportunity to grab some lunch to layer
the stomach for later. We recommend going to Harry cook free house for some classic pub grub. It’s situated right next to the Montpellier gardens, making it perfect for a few beers! 

Eating out in Cheltenham

If you opt to go with one of our packages for your Cheltenham stag do, you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of your evening meal! All of our packages include at least a 2 course meal! You’ll have a nice selection of cuisine, from French and Italian to Modern British. You could go to Café Rouge for a 3 course French meal or you even head over to Bella Italia for a 2 course Italian meal! 

How to plan the perfect stag do in Cheltenham - evening meal

Or if you are in the mood for being adventurous and want to be more daring try KIBOUsushi Poke bowl! They are the New Must trend in the foodie world. KIBOUsushi is a sushi restaurant in the
heart of Cheltenham. They serve an incredible lunch and evening menu, serving up traditional Japanese food for everyone to enjoy. They will get your taste buds tingling just by smell alone.

How to plan the perfect stag do in Cheltenham - Kibou sushi

If you are wanting a more classy/sophisticated stag do with your nearest and dearest, than lads hitting the town. We highly recommend you head on over to East India Cafe. It’s a small intimate restaurant giving you the exclusive indulgence atmosphere, just please be aware of the party restriction of 6 people. Here you can indulge in a 7 course tasting menu. With incredible reviews and a central location, you won’t be wanting to head anywhere but here for an Indian in Cheltenham.  

Still, nothing has tickled your taste buds? Finally, we have a small quirky restaurant/bar, Six degrees of separation. They serve a variety dishes such as hot dogs, pizza and even baked nachos! Whilst you’re eating get stuck into a few of their cocktails as well, with their Happy Hour you can get 2 cocktails for £8! Six degrees of separation host live music, pub quizzes and much more.

Where to go on your night out

How to plan the perfect stag do in Cheltenham - clubs

Right lads this is where the fun really begins! It’s time to get into your best wardrobe and pull off those amazing dance moves you’ve been bragging about. Our After Dark Package will get you free entry to a club from our handpicked selection, such as Under the Prom and COCO Bar.

  • If you choose Under the Prom in your After Dark Package you will be able to walk in for free like royalty and get a complementary shot when you buy your first bev. Under the Prom is a kicking and lively nightclub that’s open until 6am on a Saturday night!
  • You could also choose from COCO Bar, this club is also in the After Dark Package and you could choose to go here and walk in without paying. Once you’re inside head to the bar to receive your complimentary shot when you get the first round in.

If you are partial to a bar crawl or just wanting to see what more Cheltenham has to offer don’t you worry. The Montpellier District and the Promenade has the best of Cheltenham’s Nightlife. You can head to:

  • Thirteen Degrees, a sleek bar with an unusual modern twist in design. It is definitely somewhere you have to check out! The independent boutique is located in Cheltenham’s Montpellier District. Thirteen Degrees specialize in doing things a little different.
  • The 21 Club, this is perfect for people who like the party atmosphere. The venue is operated across three basements and holds around 300 people. It also has an outside area
    with more than enough heaters to stop you from freezing when talking to the girls. Dress smart lads and the girls will come to you!

The morning after the night before

How to plan the perfect stag do in Cheltenham - Hangover

Wow, what a night! Something you’ll never forget! But ouch that hangover is not something you want to be dealing with. Especially as you’ve just found the groom on the roof of your hotel and a tiger in your hotel room. All you need right now is a nice greasy fry up and a big cup of coffee!

Here are the best places to go in Cheltenham to get your fix:

  • The Country Kitchen, the Country Kitchen is a small independent café which turns into a popular restaurant at night from Wednesday to Saturday. They pride themselves on the restaurant quality food they serve. What more could your stag do ask for.
  • Montpellier Café, they have simple café food from breakfast to lunch-time sandwiches. On Sunday’s they serve from 10am until 4pm, scrumptious breakfasts, brunches and Sunday lunch. If these don’t clear away that hangover then we really do feel sorry for you!

What to do the day after the big night

Right so the hangover is finally gone you’ve made sure all the stags are back together and in one piece. What do you do next? Well we don’t blame you if you don’t want you Cheltenham stag do to end just yet! So don’t rush home, hang out in Cheltenham until the last train/coach/car is heading back! There’s plenty to do:

  • Go have a look at one of Cheltenham’s most iconic landmarks, the Neptune’s Fountain. Located near the promenade, the fountain is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Feeling a little peckish? Then its time to go back to the Promenade or the Montpellier District to get a light bite to eat. If you are feeling brave head through the high street where you’ll get a few flash backs from last night’s antics.

So there you have it

There we go lads, we hope you have a great time on your stag do in Cheltenham, it’s an amazing city with lots of little secrets to offer you! Please feel free to comment and share.

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