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The wackiest way to celebrate your Stag Weekend in Bristol

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your stag weekend then you’ve come to the right place! Birthplace to the infamous pirate Captain Blackbeard it’s not like Bristol isn’t wacky enough already… however here’s the wackiest way to celebrate your Bristol stag weekend.

What is it?

If you love a good laugh then you will be amazed by West Country Games. Available in Bath and Bristol this wacky stag weekend activity is guaranteed to cement bonds and have your sides splitting with laughter. Your group will be split into two teams and you will have to battle against each other in a variety of West Country themed games. You will tackle the cider run, pitch fork duel, tractor tyre roll triumph and manhole dangling, just to name a few!

Who is it?

I know what you’re thinking, who even came up with this? Well…. Simon and Jamie are two local childhood friends that are now living in Bristol and causing welly wangin’ mayhem! These two awesome blokes (they visited the office and bought cheese and cider… AWESOME!) decided to create a place they can call home away from home, and that’s where West Country Games was born. Being able to run around a field in fancy dress wangin’ wellies is pretty much a dream for these guys, and that’s why the Gents Events team love West Country Games! 

What’s involved?

The Cider Run – Be strapped in to the inflatable bungee run and leg it as far as you can with a pint in your hand. Sounds simple right? The aim of the game is to set your pint down on one of the trays set up across the run, the further away it is the more points your team receives

Pitch Fork Duel – Get on a podium, arm yourself with a giant inflatable pitchfork and knock your opponent off their podium. How hard can it be?

Wurzel Knockout – You may have a brand new combine harvester but I have cider apples! Attach a catapult to your feet, load it up with the cider apples, aim and FIREEEE! Try to knock down as many of the Wurzel’s as possible, the further away it is the more points you score!

Tractor Tyre Roll – Work in teams to flip the tyre over the finish line. The team who complete the course fastest wins!

Vicky Pollard Handbags – Slip into your Vicky Pollard ‘fat suit’ and don your Chavberry inflatable handbag ready for an epic battle.  Take it in turns to spa in pairs backhanding your opponent using your Chavberry bag. Striking the most direct blows will win you the most points… ohh shat’ap!

Welly Wangin’ – Welly wangin’ is a personal favourite of mine. Take turns to lob a welly into the tyre targets set five, ten and fifteen meters away. Point are awarded for the wellies that are wanged most accurately!

Drunk Pub Skittles – Spin around a pole five times then head over to the wooden alley complete with a set of wooden skittles and attempt to play! 

Mangold Danglin’ – Everyone (apart from the groom) must stand on cider kegs, on one leg and attempt to balance as the groom swings a weighted sack in a bid to wipe you out. Good luck!

Famers Shower – It’s time for the groom to make his way to ‘the chair’ where he will be quizzed with a series of questions that will determine his fate. Positioned above the stags head is a bucket of ice water. The less he gets correct, the more revenge you get for being knocked out in Mangold Danglin’!

So there you have it, the perfect Bristol stag weekend activity for you and your stags! Laugh together, compete together and make some good memories you can laugh at forever. Each group also gets a personal ‘farm hand’ who will take pictures of you all and upload them to Facebook the very same day so you can share them with your mates! For other great Bristol Stag Weekend Ideas then visit the Gents Events website or ring one of our party planners on 0115 941 5182.

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