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4 Top Tips for surviving a Glasgow Stag Party

Home to bagpipes, tartan kilts and the Loch Ness monster (also known at Nessie!) Glasgow’s breath-taking landscapes, delicious restaurants and popping night-life make it the perfect place for your Stag Party. Whilst Glaswegians can be a little hard to understand you will be blown away with Glasgow's unique (yet amazing!) taste in food as you try Haggis, shortbread biscuits & outstanding seafood. However, you may need these 4 Top Tips for surviving your Glasgow Stag Party.

Top Tip 1 – Learn the Jargon

Glaswegian - Aye Translation: Yes

Glaswegian – Nae/Naw Translation: No

Glaswegian – Nowt, Nuttin Translation: Nothing

Glaswegian – Swally Translation: An alcoholic beverage, short for ‘swallow

Glaswegian – Eejit Translation: An Idiot 

Glaswegian - Mad wae it Translation: Out of it, extremely drunk

Glaswegian - Hoachin’ Translation: Busy and/or full

Glaswegian – Geein me the boak Translation: When something makes you feel sick

Top Tip 2 – Learn the Bars

Cocktails – If you’re after a cocktail for your Glasgow Stag Party you need not venture any further than the Blue Dog. This laid back bar located on W George Street is Glasgow’s most popular and well-established Cocktail Bar where you can enjoy live music in a relaxed atmosphere. The Blue Dog is perfect for a relaxed night out, or the start of a very messy one!

Champagne – The Chez Mal Bar at the Malmison in Glasgow is perfect for fulfilling your sparkling needs. Boasting 11 top champagnes on their menu, Malmaison is way more than just a high quality hotel but a place to relax and enjoy the ambience in the chilled out atmosphere.

Beer – If you want a taste of the best Beer in Glasgow then you need to head to Curler’s Rest. This 600 year old building has recently had a big refurb and has a vibrant laid back feel. Located on Byres Road, Curler’s Rest serves 5 real ales & 19 speciality beers & 3 ciders on tap which is of course an incredible range of beer! 

Top Tip 3 – Learn the Restaurants

Bella Vita is a Neapolitan Restaurant offering Antipasti, Pasta, Pizza, Burgers and lots of other tasty looking treats. With outstanding Trip advisor reviews Bella Vita, located on Mosspark Boulevard, have a good reputation for their food, service, value & atmosphere and have been praised specifically for their outstanding service to large parties of diners. Number 16 is a European Restaurant located on Byres Street. Offering dishes such as seared fillet of Rainbow Trout, seared Perthshire bavette steak and warm salad of chick peas this is the perfect place to chill and grab a bite to eat before a big night out.

Top Tip 4 – Sleep with one eye open!

Although your best man & groomsmen have spent all this time organising your perfect Glasgow Stag Party, that doesn’t mean they haven’t planned some cheeky pranks along the way. Unless you want to wake up bald, without eyebrows with your hand in luke warm water then I’d suggest sleeping with one eye open.

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