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How to smash your best man duties

Being a best man is a big deal. You’ve known the groom your whole life and he’s finally proposed to his Mrs of 10 years and more importantly, asked you to be his best man. Although you can’t contain your excitement you have to think, this guy is your best friend, he’s seen you at your worst, he’s watched you blossom from an irresponsible child to a very irresponsible adult and yet he’s still entrusted you with his best man duties.  Do NOT let him down.

We’re going to tell you how to smash your best man duties, and leave the groom speechless.

1.    Help him find the right suit

Helping the groom find the right suit is crucial, it is his big day after all and if you left it up to him he’d be in the boozer looking at 2nd hand suits on EBay.  Arrange his fittings for him and make sure he stays on schedule. 

There’s always the chance to make a day of it, we all know the Bride –to-be and her entourage will!  Why not invite everyone who’s from the inner circle who’s having a suit to all meet during the day and try them on. 

Funny tip:  Pretend you’re thinking about the most hideous outfit there…Think the Liverpool spice boys at Wembley in their white suits!) and get one of your team to model it for
you.  You can all have a good laugh as he tries to defend himself afterwards. 

2.    Groomsmen

Some of the groom’s best friends may live out of town, yet you want to make sure they’re involved in as much wedding-related celebrations as possible. Look for accommodation for them to stay in before/after the wedding and make sure you give them the date to the stag do plenty of time in advance!

3.    Bachelor Gift

It’s tradition that on the groom’s Stag Night he will receive a gift from his Groomsmen. Get him something meaningful, if there’s quite a few groomsmen and the collection does well then consider something that he will keep and use for a long time as a memento of his stag do and all your hard work.

4.    Help the groom organise transport

Whilst you don’t want to out-organise the groom’s bride-to-be you also want to make sure you’re there to help if he needs you. If they decide to drive (or for you to drive them) to the venue then consider how you will decorate the car, make it look tasteful and stand out. Most good chauffeurs carry the bubbles with them for a quick impromptu toast along the way from the ceremony to the final venue. 

Tip: Don’t forget two glasses for the bubbles!  …and plastic cups won’t do! 

 5.    Rehearsal Ceremony and Dinner

As the best man, it’s crucial that you not just attend the rehearsals, but make sure that they are all organised, everyone knows what they’re doing and everything goes to plan. Make sure to pay attention as you may need to help others remember their places and schedules later. Make sure you sort out what order the speeches go in (the grooms parents always first if they paid for the dinner) and make sure you have yours

6.    Speech

Don’t leave your speech to the last minute. We know you have a hundred other best man duties but the speech is what everyone will remember. If you’ve known the groom a long time then you’ll have lots of memories you can share, but remember his family will be there including children so they need to be appropriate whilst still funny.

7.    Stag Do 

 Finally, book your stag do early and make sure you include everyone early enough to get their idea’s. But the one that counts is the grooms. 

Booking through a reputable company such as Gents Events  guarantees a successful send off. With over 100 Stag Do Activities to choose from you’re sure to find something that the groom loves and that the groomsmen will also enjoy. We = will take the hassle out of collecting in money as everyone can pay their own part of the stag do using our online payment tracker – and it saves you loads of time that you can then spend on the rest of your best man duties!

There you have it, The Gent’s Events guide to “How to smash your Best Man Duties”.

If you’d like a quote or would like to discuss your options further please ring one of our dedicated Party Planners on 0115 941 5282 or enquire online using our ‘Create your own’ page.


Written By Jade Hallam

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