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Yorkshire Lingo for your Stag Weekend in Leeds

If you’re off on a stag weekend in Leeds, great choice! Just a pointer though, you might want to brush up on some Yorkshire lingo before heading out on your big weekender. We’ve put together some basics and even a friendly piece of prose for you to decipher. Pretty funny, if we say so ourselves.

Nah Then = a greeting ‘now then’

Clarted = face full of make up

Nobbling = to kid or trick someone

Chump = an idiot or fool

Gill = half pint

Bray = to hit something / someone

Bob into = to go into

Jiggered = to be tired / broken

Chuffed = to be pleased

Jammy = to be lucky

Kegs = trousers / underwear

Waint = wont

Champion = excellent

Faffin’ = to mess around

Flaggin’ = to get tired

Gaffer = the boss

Kaylied = to be drunk

Mun = must

Owt = anything

Thissen’ = yourself

A rate bobby dazzler = someone who is looking good

Proper stunner = a really good looking lady

Tek a good likeness – photogenic

"Nah then, you’ve been invited to yer mate’s stag do – bet your rate chuffed. Leeds waint disappoint – get yer sen tarted up and into town. They’ll always be one faffin beforehand, worse than a lass. But you’ll all come out looking like rate bobby dazzlers ready to hit the tiles.  Bob into some of Leeds’ many bars and pubs – champion! Best man is gaffer this weekend, tell him he mun try a real ale or gill whilst yer ‘ere. Check out the Yorkshire lasses, saying a’ up me duck and alright love – some will be clarted, but others tek a good likeness and be a proper stunner (one of you might end up a jammy get!) Try not to get thissen too kaylied, drinking owt in sight – you’ll only look a chump! Keep it clean like, with a bit of stag weekend nobbling. Tek care not to lose your kegs or bray anyone – and no flaggin! You’ll be jiggered by the end of it, but you’ll have had a rate good time!"

For some more “helpful” information regarding your stag weekend in Leeds we have a FREE interactive city guide available here! 

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