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Stag Do Games to Get the Party Started

We all know that no stag do is complete without those hilarious and ridiculously shameful games, pranks and dares. With it being the stag’s last proper night out with the lads, it’s only right that he has the famous legendary send-off to prepare him for his new start as a married man. To help you along the way we’ve been kind enough here at Gents Events to put together some of our favourite games to get you ready for an undoubtedly epic stag do. So have a read and get those minds ticking so that you can create a stag party to top all other stag parties, boom!

Shark Attack!

Your dancing around having a chat and then “Shark Attack!”. Upon hearing those two deadly words from the shark spotter your aim is to get those feet off the ground! Climb that pole, stand on that bit of furniture or grab a piggy back – do whatever you have to do to avoid those sharks! The last one to get their feet off the ground will face a punishment of the group’s choice and become the new shark spotter.

Don’t say a word

Make a list of frequently used words that are bound to crop up in conversation by the stag on the big night out, good examples are the brides name, ‘wedding’, ‘pint’ and ‘loo’. Make sure all the lads are aware of these now banned words so that they can be the hawks, ready to catch out the stag the moment he utters any one of them. He will wish he hasn’t as he’ll have to face an on the spot forfeit. Tricking the stag to also say the banned words is also highly encouraged – the more mischievous the better we say.

Pub Golf

Ok, so most of you have probably heard of or played pub golf but that doesn’t detract the pure brilliance of this classic game. Get kitted up in your finest golfing gear and choose whether your group will be completing the 9 or 18 watering holes pub crawl challenge. Once that’s decided each pub has a par of 3, 4 or 5 (gulps), therefore you have to down your drink within par and mark yourself on the scorecard. Strokes on the scorecard are given for toilet breaks, not meeting the par and spillages. The aim of the game is to get as little strokes as possible.

Dead Ants

When hearing the phrase “DEAD ANT” you drop your back to the floor with your arms and legs scrambling in the air like an overturned ant. Depending on where you are or who you’re chatting up this can lead to some hilarious awkward moments! This gloriously simple game is sure to go down a treat (or not in some cases!).

Who are you?

Each member of the party is given an accent or identity they must convincingly keep to when in a particular bar (or for however long you please). You could also try out giving celebrity identities like the classic Charlie Chaplin or legendary Elvis Presley. Whatever you decide to choose, if anyone doesn’t stick to who they are – penalty time!

Attack with the wax

And finally, for those that fail to complete challenges or get out of any dares or drink punishments will face the strip of doom! Get out that hairy arm or leg and feel the pain of the wax strip! Ouchies. 

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