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5 Facts about Stag Dos in Birmingham

Gents Events is a stag party organising agency specialising in 17 of the UK’s top cities; Birmingham being one of them. We were established back in 2005 and so have sent thousands of eager lads on celebratory weekends over the years!

As you can imagine, our work leaves us with a wealth of (although valuable to us as a business, pretty boring to look at) figures. However we realised that these stuffy statistics about our gents could actually be of interest to those of you choosing a city to party in – and may well influence your decisions for the better.

As guys, we want to be to gather information quickly and easily, then make a quick decision based on facts – and our handy infographic makes this all possible when considering a Birmingham stag do. So sit back and relax into 5 hard facts about our Birmingham stags.

So it’s always good to know who else is making the same decisions as you. So you’re thinking a Birmingham stag do, well so did 8% of our total – that’s a cut higher than if you divided our cities equally at 6% each. Perhaps its Birmingham’s awesome activities like Horror Experiences and Inflatable Games which attract us. Or the fact Birmingham is a pretty much central to the UK – meaning those of you with mates all over the place can come together for a mad weekend pretty easily. You will also be keen to know that 9% of hens choose Birmingham for their hen party – meaning there is going to be plenty of ladies around for some all-important banter!

You might think, well what does this matter? So traditionally, it’s the best man’s job to organise the stag do, however over the past few years we have seen a shift in this typicality – in some cities more than others. And actually 33% of Birmingham stag do’s are now organised by the groom to be. You know what this means? It’s what they want! The grooms of stag world have spoken and chose Birmingham! So be a legend of a best mate, chose a Birmingham stag do and they’ll love you for it. Also – if best men compromise on the choice of city it means we can gain the control back of organisation for the more important things like stag do games and pranks!

So it seems Birmingham is pretty standard when it comes to stag do group size – following the UK’s average of 15 gents. It’s handy to know this sort of information, as it’s easy to get carried away when organising a massive weekend you want to be the biggest and most imposing stag group in the city. But herding many more than 15 from bar to bar wont prove easy so I would try and stick to this number – the grooms nearest and dearest.

There was a time when the stag do was the night before the big day – can you just imagine! That head, that looming sense of guilt and stink of stale alcohol. Thankfully, couples nowadays opt for their final night of debauchery to be kept well before the wedding. However Birmingham stags tend to cut it a little finer – ahh well I’m sure no-one will notice the patchy brows growing back.

Perhaps the most important – how much will this set me back? Although stags tend to sign up for almost anything regardless for their mates big weekender (then feel the pain afterwards in more way than one) Thing is, a Birmingham stag do is cheaper than the UK average – OK so only by a mere £4 but that could get you an extra pint! That’s a whole round cheaper if you have a group of 15. Tesco was on to something when they said ‘every little helps!’


See just what activities are available in Birmingham here. Although we do recommend Bubble Football and Comedy!, we also have an awesome Birmingham city guide which you can download for FREE.

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