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Stag Do Survival Kit

Okay, so it’s not a life or death situation however you may need a liver transplant after your weekend of stag do shenanigans. A time for celebrating normally goes hand in hand with partying, and we all know that it wouldn’t be a party without a drink…. or a few!
The effects of drinking amplify and hangovers hit harder as you get older and wiser. It’s even harder drinking two days on the trot, so any additional motivation, energy and hangover cures or remedies to help shake off a hangover are welcome with open arms.
Unfortunately there is no magic pill that can snap you out of your sluggish hungover state, but we have come up with our ‘Stag Bag’ Stag do survival kit, packed with items and aid to help you steer clear and avoid the dreaded hangover - in our opinion, it's a welcome addition to your stag do ideas. Everyone has a hangover remedy that comforts and makes them feel better, although we know the true remedy tends to be water and time. Just remember guys to drink responsibly to make sure you have a top notch weekend to remember, you don’t want to end up like the wolf pack; groomless or toothless married to a stripper!

Stag Do Survival Kit:


The perfect item for both hiding the fact that you feel like death and looking ‘cool’ at the same time. Why not try some novelty glasses or think of a theme which the whole group can incorporate and have some fun with.

Spare Socks

We’ve all woken up with the same clothes from the night before, what’s worse is wearing the same socks for two days straight especially after a hard night of boozing and cutting up shapes. You will be thankful for that spare pair of socks leaving you feeling fresh and ready for another night on the booze!


Remember that drinking a pint of water with a Paracetamol before bed will really help prevent a foggy head in the morning. If it’s too late and you’ve woken up feeling like you’ve just been on a rollercoaster 100 times then pop some painkillers pronto or even a Berocca tablet to help end your sorrows.

Hip Flask

Necessities aside a hipflask is the perfect item to add a personal touch by engraving messages or labelling names. It’s an ideal item for a stag do as this is the perfect time to try it out and enjoy some swigs on route to the next bar!


Having a crazy weekend on the booze can most certainly involve some bumps and boozes as let’s face it we can sometimes get carried away. You may just be thankful for those sacred plasters in the bottom of your survival kit after a messy night.


Solid post-drinking food which you can indulge with the carbohydrates that will not only soak up some alcohol but taste delicious, definitely a moreish kind of food, but the perfect way to satisfy you temporarily until you have your greasy fry-up.


For those who wake up with a sweet tooth, this chocolate says who it’s for on the packet! This is the ideal man fuel and comfort food to give you a quick release of energy before you guys set off; not forgetting it tastes divine.


Advised by specialists, after a night of drinking your body has reduced vitamins and replaced them with toxins. You are advised to put back in, whether it’s as supplements or fresh fruit, make sure you eat plenty to get you back in fit shape for another night on the liquor.

Chewing Gum

We are only human, but walking around with a bad breathe after a night on the drink is not socially acceptable. The perfect little treat in your stag bag will most certainly come in useful not only for the stag party but poor old civilians of the city you choose, there is absolutely no excuse!


After a night on the booze let’s face it you’re not going to smell like roses, having a pocket deodorant packed away is not only essential but the perfect way to refresh and get you feeling ready for another night on the town!

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