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5 Daytime Activities in Birmingham

It’s easy to be unsure of how to spend your time in a city you are unfamiliar with, however Birmingham has loads of daytime activities to get the adrenalin pumping before that night out with the lads. From traditional boozers to vast outside spaces (think BBQ’s and a few cans!) We think you are best to plan out your weekend before you get there to be sure you’re making the most of your time. There are numerous things to think about before your lad’s weekend, and organising your daytime activities in advance can really take some strain off. Let’s face it someone has to be the tour guide!
We have come up with 5 key day time activities that are winners in our eyes and will definitely ensure you have a top notch stag weekend to remember!

1. Booze Canal Cruise

The perfect way to enjoy your picturesque surroundings, on a
canal boat. Taking you and the boys on a trip through Birmingham and enjoy the
city through a different perspective. Just try not to fall overboard to ensure
you have a bon voyage.

2. Brewery Tour

Located right in the heart of the city centre with a wide selection of real ale, music and food, this is the perfect environment for a lad’s day trip out. With a guided tour of the brewery you will get a chance to taste some of the ales along the way and find out some interesting facts about the brewery industry and the ales on offer in Birmingham.

3. Football Match

The perfect lads surroundings - soak up some energy from the players on the field, you can kick back and enjoy some football with class. With the likes of Birmingham City, Aston Villa or your favourite team coming to the city you’ll be sure to have an absolute ball. (see what we did there!)

4. Zombie/Werewolf Experience

If you are a true horror fan or adrenaline junkie then this activity is right up your street. This isn’t an activity for the faint hearted. You will embark on missions to see who can survive the wrath of the zombies or werewolves. Whichever you choose; teamwork, courage and determination are key. 

5. Inflatable Games

Perfect for energetic lads looking to have a laugh. Bounce your way through some challenges and games in an inflatable arena. You will be put to the test and left rolling on the floor laughing as you battle it out against the clock. 

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