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Stag Do Drinking Games - Part II


Stag Do Ideas - Drinking Games

You have no doubt at some point been on a night out,  and if you haven’t done it yourself you will have more than likely seen a group of fully grown blokes jumping on to bus stops and post boxes because somebody has just shouted “SHARK!!” Then again maybe you haven’t. Anyway, drinking games of any kind are always a good way to get the beer flowing and the stag collapsing – Check out part one of our Stag Do Drinking Games here 

International Drinking Rules

  • No saying the word "drink". You must say “Consume”, “liquid”, “beverage” or any other alternative words. Uttering the forbidden word will result in taking a shot. This will get harder and harder the more you “consume”, which will of course result in you consuming more!
  • No referring to any other player by their name or nickname. Doing so will result in taking a shot.
  • Strictly no swearing. – Which, when you inevitably do, and have to have a drink (oops I mean beverage!) can prove to be quite tricky.
  • No pointing with the finger or thumb. You must use your elbow – try not to elbow anyone in the face!
  • Players must drink with their left hand (or right hand if they are left-handed).
  • An empty glass cannot be put down, it must be refilled first.

Blow out

Without being insulting or offensive see how quickly you can get rejected and told to go away. However you do have to last a minimum of a minute to avoid a penalty. The quicker you’re told to push off after a minute the higher the score. Be sure to get your cheesiest chat up lines ready!

You’ve been shot!

Get however many shot glasses needed for your group and fill half of them with water and half of them with a clear spirit (e.g. Vodka, Gin, Sambuca). The aim of the game is to figure out who had the shots and who had the water so be prepared to have your best poker face on! If the people that had alcoholic shots go unnoticed they will be rewarded and can sit out, if you’re caught out you have to carry on playing!


All the Players put a coin in the palm of their hand. When the best man says the word “knickers!” you must reveal your coin, the best man will then count up how many heads and how many tails are showing, the majority (say 9 heads and 4 tails) are safe and can sit out. The minority will then play again and so on until only two players are left and the decision coin will have the final say. The loser will have to wear the bride to be’s knickers over his trousers!

We must state that we encourage everyone to drink responsibly, and to remind all of our readers that these games can be played with soft drinks and be just as much fun.

There you go, that’s something else you can check off of your Stag Do Ideas check list. Don’t forget to check out part one of our Stag Do Drinking Games and like us on Facebook for more great stag do content!

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