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Gents Events Calendar 2015


2015 Calender dates

We’ve put together the ultimate calendar for 2015 with a twist. No mention of St David or Mother’s Day, just some altogether more unusual dates for your diary. We firmly believe if you were to celebrate these to their optimum potential, 2015 will be a truly awesome year! 

January – Brainteaser Month

9th - Play God day - If only our every wish was our command! 

February – Hot breakfast month

1st - Working naked day - That could be awkward but we’re curious

6th -Doodle day

9th - Clean out your computer day - This is probably a date you should set weekly, if not daily…

11th - White shirt day

13th - Blame someone else day - We could have some fun with this…

20th - Handcuff day - If Megan Fox can be handcuffed to us…

28th - Open that bottle night - Don’t really need an excuse!


March – Cheerleading safety month And we definitely becoming safety marshals for this!

5th - Absinthe day - Nothing is more of a measure of manliness.

9th - Napping day - It’s a Monday, so this pretty normal at the desk

10th - Day of awesomeness

16th - Lips appreciation day - Compulsory to look at pictures of Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie


April – BBQ Month No the April showers won’t put us off!

2nd - Tell a lie day - I’m best mates with Iron Man

3rd - World party day - And it’s a Friday!

6th - New Beers Eve  - We’re not sure if this mean try new beer, or that New Beers Day is tomorrow – either way were drinking beer

16th - Wear PJ’s to work day - Practically the same as going to work naked day



1st - Batman day

4th Star Wars day - May the fourth be with you! (Sorry we just had to say it!)

9th - Lost sock Memorial Day - This may be one long day…

11th - Eat what you want day - OK no need to tell us twice

13th - Top Gun day

16th - Whiskey day


June – Great outdoors month

2nd - Leave the office earlier day - We’re thinking around 10am?

12th - Superman day

22nd - Onion rings day - Remember not to go on dates this day either.

30th - Social media day - Go on, write a Facebook status – I dare you!


July – Ice cream month

1st - International joke day  

5th - Bikini day - We could make this a weekly thing also

6th - Fried chicken day - Yes! This will ill improve Monday by 100%

24th - Tequila day - Well, it makes you happy.



1st - Girlfriends day - Remember for boyfriend points

7th - Beer day - Again? No problem!

16th - Rollercoaster day - Sunday go to Alton Towers / Thorpe Park

21st - Men’s grooming day - Maybe make a little effort today



5th - World beard day - If beards are going to be as big this year as 2014, this is a day of tremendous celebration!

12th - Video games day  

19th - Talk like a pirate day - Ooo arrr

27th - Crush a can day  

28th - Drink beer day - Ok is this a joke now? No, alright Ill crack open another


October – Pizza month

2nd - Name your car day - A woman’s name, obviously. Something sexy like Roxanne

16th - World food day



5th - Men make dinner day - Take note, this calendar is on our sister site so they will remember

6th - National nachos day Beef chilli, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese…..everything!

19th - International men’s day

21st - World TV day - You need to tell us to watch TV?



4th - Bartender appreciation day - They serve us drinks and put up with us drunk, well deserved.

5th - International ninja day - Mainly dressing in dark clothing and sneaking up on your friends!

11th - Christmas jumper day - The one that comes out every year, don’t forget to donate to charity for your humiliation.

16th - Chocolate covered anything day  - Emily Ratajkowski? 


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