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A Nottingham stag weekend, just like Robin Hood

So, not many cities are famous for real life super heroes, but Nottingham is. Okay, not all would class our iconic Robin Hood as a super hero, and he would hardly beat Wolverine in a fight! But he is up there when it comes to non-fictional (debate it out!) characters, and is surely a reason to visit this pocket sized city of awesome. Nottingham is the perfect city to hold your stag do, and you can do it just like our tights wearing legend did.

For your Nottingham stag weekend and Robin Hood adventure, the first place you’ll want to visit is his famous hideout, Sherwood Forest. Unfortunately you won’t be coming across Kings travelling on horseback through the dense forest, with bags of gold for you to line your pocket with, however you will find a wealth of activities on hand. So do like Robin did, and have a go at Archery! Your trained instructor will teach you to load the arrow and shoot the bow right on target, exactly like the renowned marksman himself. You can team this with various other activities such as the warrior weapons training, or for the more modern day Robin, why not fight it out over an outdoor paintballing mission.

If you fancy the idea of donning a pair of tights, without getting an arrow to the head (please note, an arrow to the head is not an actual requirement) you can strap in and swing through some of the oldest trees in Europe with the Go Ape adventure. This is a high wire obstacle course, filled with zip lines, ladders and daringly high bridge crossings. For those wannabe adrenalin junkies, this is the place to start. Outlaws afraid of heights need not apply.

If you however are opposed to trees and the clean country air, then do not fear, as we can still offer you a Nottingham stag weekend in the heart of the city. Why not gather your band of merry men, and go on a treasure hunt. This can be done completely at your own pace, so visiting the odd 1 or 5 public houses in between is completely acceptable! To feel like a true hero, the day would not be complete without a spot of stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor. Well it’s technically not stealing, but a visit to the casino could have you feeling like you’ve just pulled off the perfect heist. Receiving a free cocktail on arrival, you will have a 30 minute American Roulette or Blackjack ‘learn to play’ session. Once you know your stuff, you can then head to the tables with your free £2.00 bet, and win that bounty. Throw in some ale and wenches and thou shalt have a great huzzah!

So if you fancy taking on a true Nottingham lad, then be sure to give our Party Planners a call!

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