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Stag Do Ideas – Classic Themes!

So you’re organising a stag do? First things first, the all-important “what costumes, will make us look the funniest/most idiotic?” Believe it or not, trends in fancy dress are just as apparent as with serious high street fashion. What you choose to wear on a stag do says a lot about your group’s personality (as much as what wearing a blue shirt with white collar says about you as a man!). We look at the top classic themes for fancy dress stag do ideas!  

Morph Suits

I think this guy is a telly tubby morph!? (Adam Glaied)

Only available since 2009, the morph suit has continuously risen in popularity. The figure-hugging style may at first put you off, but think twice as the morph suit allows for anonymity! Ahh yes, that maybe a scale tipper! As no-one knows who you are, you tend to be more fun (you now ooze confidence and are extremely mischievous). Their range has now developed to include over two hundred designs, styles and formats for every taste. As the people at Morph costumes say they are definitely “morph famous than your average costume!” (See what they did there?)

Pub Golf

Actually a game, but comes along with some cracking fancy dress. In fact I believe most men revel in the opportunity to wear such attire. Typically consisting of Argyle sweater or tank top, over brightly coloured polo shirts (don’t be the idiot who splurges on a Ralph Lauren classic, it will not make it through intact!) Of course these need to be tucked into patterned trousers or chinos, preferably with a crease down the front (even better if your mum ironed them in for you!). For the braver, go with a diamond granddad socks and shorts combo. 

Where’s Wally

Our Kirk does this most days…

Where is, where is Wally? He’s all around, everywhere! He first graced book in 1986, but raise to fame in the fancy dress world was much later. Idea is, well, you all dress up like the children’s cartoon character ‘Where’s Wally’. Perfected with a stripy red and white t-shirt, blue trousers (or shorts, or skirt for that matter), all topped off with a red and white bobble hat and glasses. Ironically the costume will make you all look the same, and very easy to spot! Incredibly simple, and financially cheap as chips!

Super Hero’s

Yep, even Banana Man counts! (Richard Donkin)

Fulfilling boyhood dreams, super hero dress up for stags is a classic. The scope is immense; famous comic book characters from Marvel and DC give you Iron Man, The Hulk, Batman and Wonder Woman (!). You can even make up your own super hero’s Burrito Man, (helps the poor by providing them with burritos!) and Splurge Man (spends lots of money on you!) are just a couple we’ve come up with in the office.


Who would have thought small, Belgian, blue people who live in mushroom shaped houses in the forest would inspire such a fantastic fancy dress theme. Around since 1958, but still gracing our nightlife stag scenes. I guess what could be fun than covering yourself in litres of blue body paint and wearing what can only be described as a white condom on your head! Of course every Smurf pack needs a Smurfette – queue the Stag!

These are just a handful of stag do ideas. There’s also togas, toy soldiers, scousers, life guards, crayons, sailors, pirates, babies, gladiators, rubix cube, countries, oopa lumpas, schoolboys…

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Author: Jacqueline Smith

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