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Your Leeds Stag Do – Ideas You Can’t Miss Out On


Leeds Stag Do

Are you sat there right now scrolling through the internet, trying to decide which of the UK’s great cities you want in invade for yours (or a good friends) stag do? Well, aren’t you a lucky guy, because I just so happen to know that a Leeds Stag Do would almost definitely be one of the best choices you will ever make in terms of planning a weekend away. Why? I hear you ask, well my stag do hunting friend, you just carry on sitting there and I’ll tell you why.

Things to Do

1 thing that Leeds is not short on, is the sheer amount of activities there are to do. It is actually a commonly known fact, that you have more chance of running over a live shark while driving up (or down) towards Leeds, then you have of actually finding yourself with nothing to do whilst you’re there. While that may not be entirely true, I can tell you that you can go Mini Tank Driving & Sniper Rifle Shooting (hell yeah you can) as well as the things you would normally expect like Indoor Go Karting & much more. Let us dive in to these a little further, because I know you’re dying to hear about those tanks:

Mini Tank Driving

Leeds Mini Tank Driving

The word ‘mini’ may seem like a little bit of a turn off. Well, sir, believe you me there is no reason to be put off by this small detail (did you see what I did there?) because these tanks are just as good as their 60 metric tonne cousins, they just happen to be a fraction of the size. Granted you probably won’t be crushing any family saloon cars with them, but why would you want to do that, when rumour has it that these things may soon have paintball guns attached!!!

Sniper Rifle Shooting

Leeds sniper rifle shooting

What could be better than an afternoon of shooting targets? I can’t really think of much if I’m honest. Unfortunately these rifles are not fully pledged Sniper Rifles, but they are very powerful air rifles that are just as good as the real thing. You’re just less likely to be able to kill somebody, that’s got to be a bonus, right? Although these aren’t the real thing, everything about them (except the power and bullets) are just as good, they have powerful scopes that complement the power and accuracy of the actual rifle, and you get to use all this while aiming down a purpose built target range. It all sounds like a little slice of heaven if you ask me.


Those stag do activities are all well and good, but where do you go when the beer kegs are running dry? (Or the club closes, whichever comes first) I do understand that for a stag group, accommodation might not be as important as it would be to our female counterparts, because let’s be honest, as long as us males have an area that we can keep our bags; somewhere to crash & most importantly the promise of a full English breakfast, we are pretty easy going. But with that said, Leeds does have a great range of accommodation on offer. From our standard Bronze hotels right through to our 4* Gold Hotels, if you really wanted to crash land in style.

Night Life

That’s enough of talking about us, what does Leeds as a city actually have to offer you? Well the short answer is ‘a lot’ you just need to know what you’re looking for. You’re never far from a great restaurant, café or pub when you’re there. I imagine it’s the latter of the 3 that sparks your interest more over the other 2, so let’s talk about that. Leeds is full of great pubs & clubs, there’s enough of a variety of each to cater for all types of stag groups. And the great thing is, if you’re staying in one of our city centre hotels then you don’t have too stumble to far before you find yourself a great watering hole, and what’s even better is you don’t have to stumble far to get back to your hotel at the end of the night.

Well that’s it folks, if I haven’t talked you in to a Leeds Stag Do by now then you’re probably better off checking out one of our other great British cities.

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Author: Matt Crookes

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