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Stag Do Rules


Every Stag Do should come with a set of rules to enhance the user experience, just as your Stag Do Activities will also no doubt have some rules you will have to follow. These rules however, only really apply to the Stag himself, but that’s ok, because it’s his last night so he doesn’t actually get a say in it.

So let’s get down to business

  1. At no time throughout the Stag Do/Weekend/Week is there to be any contact with any girlfriend, wife or mother  especially those that relate to the Stag. Unless it is an emergency (Being Arrested, in hospital for a minor injury or losing the Stag are NOT an emergency)
  2. The Stag must not be called by his really name at any point, he must only be referred to as ‘The Stag’ or any variation of that. Anyone that calls him by his real name, will have to finish their drink as fast as possible
  3.  Each member of the group has to give them self a nickname that only the Stag has to use, this will be your new name as far as the Stag is concerned. When he inevitably fails, he must finish his drink, or do a shot or something else drink related that you can think of
  4. Social media activity is not allowed at any point, unless you have the use of someone else’s, then that’s fair game
  5. No drink can be left unattended, if you find that somebody has left his drink without announcing that he is leaving it, (while he goes to the toilet for example), a forfeit of your choosing must be carried out.

So 5 rules that do not really favour the Stag but will indeed (hopefully) make the night more enjoyable for everyone. One thing to bear in mind though, the Stag is going to be attended the biggest day of his life pretty soon, so try not to do anything to him that will prevent that from happening, and prevent any wedding photos from looking anything other than perfect… because then you will have the Bride to deal with, can you handle that?

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about some Stag Do Activities, then give our party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire

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