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Stag Activities While The Weather is Hot


So a little birdie has recently informed me that Britain is actually having a summer? If the rumours really are true, then this calls for some summery Stag Do Ideas. Now the chances are you have already booked your Activities, but should you have a few extra hours to spare in your chosen city, then I have rounded up some things you can do to take advantage of Britain’s short summer, assuming it’s not already too late.

I don’t know about you, but when the sun actually comes out, the last thing I want to being doing is sitting inside, I want to be out in the sun soaking up some much needed rays. So with that said, if you heading to one of Britain’s Cities that’s sporting a beach, it would be pretty hard not to move your Stag Do to water’s edge. Now to be honest the beach is probably going to pretty packed, but if you get down there early you will be sure to get a spot, just remember to respect the people around you.

If you happen to be heading to Nottingham, then you could be in for a treat. As many of you may already know, Nottingham is nowhere near an actual beach. So it would seem that somebody decided this wasn’t acceptable, and has taken it upon themselves to change that.  Nottingham’s famous Market Square has continued its annual tradition and has been transformed in to The Nottingham Riviera. There is a beach, a Bar, a Pool and even Pirate Ship, along with other rides and attractions. It is open from the 19th of July – 2nd of September, Check out their website here for more details.

There is nothing nicer when it’s hot like this then jumping into some nice cool water… well kids, if you are going to Cardiff they might just have the answer to your prayers. And it comes in the form of Gorge Scrambling. This is a great activity for the summer ‘Weeks’ of Britain. You get to climb rocks and waterfalls before jumping into a nice cold river below. Check out the rest of our Water Sport Activities if you have the urge to keep cool this summer

*Spoiler Alert* I’m about to be ‘That Guy’ for a short minute. (Sorry)

The thing with this heat is us brits really aren’t geared up for it. So we go about our daily lives without realising the effects of the heat on our bodies. So maybe it goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. Drink loads of water, use that Sun Cream and get some shade once in a while.

So as the heat rises let us all enjoy it, top up our tans and crack open some beers. Because it won’t last, it never does.

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Author: Matt Crookes

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