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Dressing The Stag For His Send Off


There comes a time in a Stags short life (average Stag life span is 2 nights) that his good friends, the people he has selected to be the ones he wants to celebrate his last night with, tend to whip out the embarrassing costumes. At this point surely his antlers will droop and his face will become a deep shade of red. But if he is a good sport Stag, he will realise that there is no other option but to swallow his pride and wear the hell out of that Penis Costume. So assuming that your Stag is one of those ‘Good Sport Stags’ I’m going to give you some Stag Do Ideas In the form of Fancy Dress, that will hopefully achieve that perfect shade of red, and the correct angle of antler drooping. 

Penis Costume

So being as I have already mentioned it, we will start with the Penis Costume. This will make ‘Good Sport Stag’ stand out like a sore… thumb? Just what you need to make him look like a… you get what I’m trying to say, right?

The Football Shirt

This one comes from of my fellow Gents Eventsers, her fiancée was made to wear a Derby County shirt, and he is a diehard Nottingham Forest fan. If you are not already aware, these 2 clubs have massive rivalry. So as you can probably imagine he wasn’t too keen on the idea of wearing it.

Banana Suit

Dress ‘Good Sport Stag’ in a banana suit, and get you and the rest of the group Gorilla suits. Then just because Gorillas love bananas make him run through which every city you are in, and the rest of you chase him down.

Ladies Night

It’s all fun and games dressing the Stag as a woman, but how about dressing your Stag as his Bride to Be? Granted this could be hard, as the Bride to Be may not want to part with some of her Clothes. If that is the case, I’m pretty sure any female clothes will do.

Pink Tutu

A firm favourite with embarrassing Stag Do Fancy Dress at the moment, is the Pink Tutu. It is always a good laugh watching a grown (possibly drunken) man prance around dressed as a fairy

So there you have 5 possible choices to make the Stag of your group stand out on his last night. If you have any questions or need some more Stag Do Ideas, give our Party Planners a Call on 0115 9415282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire.


Author: Matt Crookes

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