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Bets For a Bar Betting Stag Do


If there is ever a time in your life that you can do something to increase your man status amongst men, no matter how it may be, you are going to cease that opportunity. It’s in your nature, it can’t be helped. But don’t worry I’m not here to judge you… in fact I’m here to give you the ammo you need to hopefully increase said man status. And it is coming to you in the form of Bar Challenges. These are not the normal kind of Challenges for your Stag Do Packages that you may have read about in some of my previous articles. These are the kind of Challenges that could earn you a bit of cash, or a few cheeky beers… or you could just use them to show off your pure awesomeness, the choice is yours, like I said I’m not here to judge you.

So without further ado, here are 5 Bar Bets, that are not only for you to use on your Stag Do, but you are more than welcome to use them where ever you like, mainly because I couldn’t possibly stop you, anyway...

1. The Bet – bet the rest of your stag group that you can swap the contents of a shot of water, with the contents of a shot of whisky, without using a third vessel or your mouth.

What You Need – A shot of whisky, a shot of water and a card (driving license, playing card, business card)

The Trick – place a card on top of the shot of water, then carefully flip it upside down, then place that on top of the shot of whisky. Carefully pull the card out a small amount, and watch as the two liquids swap glasses, this works because the water is heavier than the whisky, check out this video…

2. The Bet – Bet Somebody that you can drink two pints before he can drink two shots, as long as you get a one beer head start.

What You Need – 2 pints, 2 shots and your awesomeness

The Trick - Explain to your drinking buddy that he can't touch your glasses and you can't touch his. He also can't start to drink until you have put your first glass down. If he accepts, drink your first beer and place your empty glass upside down over one of his shots. Since he can't touch your glass you can take your time on the second beer.  Keep in mind other people though. Don’t announce it, but you only said that he can’t touch your glass, so anybody else can take your glass off of his. (You have got to give the guy a small chance, right?)

3. The Bet – Bet anybody that he can’t copy your every move.

What You Need – 2 drinks, 2 balls of paper and a victim

The Trick – lay everything out so you both have one drink and one ball of paper. Tell him he has to copy your every move as you move the paper or drink the drink. As you move the paper to different places around the table he will think you are crazy, and this is too easy. You can set a number of moves he has to copy so you don’t go on forever. Take a sip of your drink and continue to move the paper a few more times, before taking another sip of your drink, but this time do not swallow the drink. He will copy and hopefully swallow the drink. Move the paper a few more times, than spit the drink back into the glass. All being well he will not be able to copy you.  

4. The Bet – Find Somebody that has a fresh drink, than bet them you can drink that drink without touching anything.

What You Need – someone willing to let you use their drink, 1 napkin and a quid to bet with.

The Trick – place the napkin over the drink then bet that person £1 that you can drink their drink without touching the napkin, the glass or anything. Really stress the point that you won’t touch it. Once they agree, remove the napkin, pick up the drink and start drinking it. Give them the £1 and tell them they won. Cheeky way to get a cheap drink

5. The Bet – Bet a member of your group that he can’t take his jacket off without somebody helping him.

What You Need – Nothing, just your cunning and wit

The Trick – When he confidently starts to remove his jacket, begin to help him. With a cheeky grin, proceed to claim your winnings

There you go, do with them what you will. Make sure you practise them a little before you go in all guns blazing, especially that whisky and water one… if you fly in blind on that one, you are probably going to get stung, which will result in a decreased man status, that’s not cool. Anyway if you have any questions about our Stag Do Packages, or want to book with us, give our Party Planners a call on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire

Author: Matt Crookes

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