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It’s a Group Event!


Whenever anyone goes on a big night out with a large group of people, there is always the issue of keeping everyone together. Because let’s be honest, there is always that one guy that wants to go to another strip club rather than going to the cities top club, or vice versa. So as part of your Stag Do you should include a plan of how you are going to keep everybody together, because (assuming you are the Stag) it is your night and everyone is there for you, so here are a couple of tips you might consider just to try and keep everyone together.

So my first tip would be, get everybody together for a casual beer or two before you go on your Stag Do, and make a route plan. Just have options of what you want to do, and have a listen to see what everybody else wants to do, then come to some agreement, that way when the big night comes you all know where and when you are going, and should anyone still disagree, then well… I’ll let you decide what to do with that let down! 

Keep it interesting, going out and getting smashed is in every way awesome, but make it more of an event, get printed t-shirts for everybody, do some day time activities and go to a city that no one has been to before. Especially  that last point actually, if you are all in a city you have never been to before then it is less likely that any one will wonder off, there’s always that one magician that randomly disappears (I should know, I tend to do this) to go get a kebab and stumble back to bed. but the psychological effect of being somewhere you don’t know, should in theory keep everybody together.

So there are just a couple of tips for your Stag Do Packages that will hopefully help you keep it a group event, rather than an every man for himself nightmare! Either way make sure you give our Party Planners on 0115 941 5282 or go to our Contact Us page to enquire.

Author: Matt Crookes

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