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A York Stag Do for the History Nut


York is a great City to visit for any reason, personally I love it. It has a great history, and it really feels like you have just walked through a time warp as you head in to the shambles. If you are thinking about having a York Stag Do you will not be disappointed, because as well as an abundance of Activities, York also has some great places to visit. So no matter how you plan to spend your weekend, you will not be short of things to do.

York Minster     

York’s no.1 key landmark has to be the Minster. It is the largest Gothic Style Cathedral in Britain and the second largest in Northern Europe. (Cologne Cathedral in Germany being the largest) The site the current Church sits on has been at the centre of York’s history since the city was founded by the Romans in 71 AD. Work started on this Architectural Masterpiece in about 1230 AD, and it took the best part of 250 years to complete, and you can really see why. Before you even step foot in the building the sheer size, dominance and beauty of thing is just breath taking. So even if you are in no way religious, I would still definitely recommend you take the time out of your weekend to visit this truly magnificent building. 

National Railway Museum 

Ok I can already hear you saying “a museum? Come on Matt! I want to get drunk!” But if you have ever been a small boy, then you probably love steam trains. (Or at least like them a little) if that is the case then you have to visit the National Railway Museum. Every great train that has ever rolled down a stretch of track now calls this Museum home. The Mallard, the Flying Scotsman, the Rocket and even a Japanese Bullet Train are all there for you to see. This is great Museum and it’s free! They do like to ask for a donation though. The Museum is massive, and you can get up close to all the trains, you can even get on board a few of them. And if that doesn’t quite do it for you, it even has a viewing platform to York train station! Woo! (That’s not really that exciting, is it?) 

Jorvik Viking Centre

Again, I know that the Jorvik centre isn’t a bar, but it is just another awesome historical attraction that York has to offer. The centre has recently had a £1million refurbishment (well 3 years ago) so the Viking experience is now even better. You get to travel back in time 1000 years, as you move through the reconstructed streets of Viking York. You get to experience all the sights and smells as they were back then, and there is also a glass floor over the 1970’s Coppergate excavation site. This dig revealed 1000 year old Viking remains of houses and artefacts that were all preserved nicely due to the moist ground in the area. Maybe it is more like a place that the Stag will be taking his family in a couple of years, but the option is there if you want it.

York Race Course 

If you happen to be going to York for your Stag Do at the right time, you could treat yourself to a day at the races. I don’t think I really need to tell you much about that, its horse racing, you place some bets, and hopefully win some money. It can be quite pricey if you do manage to get a ticket though, and obviously there isn’t always a race on, in fact I think there are only 8 race events this year. So it probably wouldn’t be a last minute decision if you do decide you want to go. But it is still guaranteed to be a great day out.

York Brewery 

Woo! A beer related attraction! If you are going on a York Stag Do, then it is worth paying this Brewery a visit. When It opened in 1996 it was the first Brewery to be within the City walls for about 40 years. So you don’t even need to go out of your way to get there, as it is right in the centre of the City. There are guided tours throughout the day between Monday and Saturday and you get to taste some of the Ales, which is always nice. York Brewery brews some award winning Ales such as Centurion's Ghost Ale and The Yorkshire Terrier Ale. So definitely worth a look whether you’re an Ale drinker or not, as you get to see how and where their award winning Ales are brewed and sample them, even if you don’t like Ale, it’s a free beer!

So if you are a Real Ale drinking, history nut (or Granddad for short), then a York Stag Do is definitely for you. And if you’re neither of them, then York still has a great night life, with tons of quirky little Cocktail bars and pubs dotted about all over the this historical City, and there are loads of other Activities, such as Paintballing and Go-Karting that you can get up to. So give us a call and talk to our Party Planners for more information, on 0115 941 5282 or email

Author: Matt Crookes

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