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The similarities between a Stag group and a Sumo Wrestler



You might think you're a man who can eat a lot but I can guarantee it’s nothing compared to the diet of a Professional Sumo Wrestler. On average they will consume a whopping 20,000 calories a day!

So how much are Stag groups actually like Sumo Wrestlers?


Sumo - Sumo wrestlers don’t eat breakfast because with a full stomach because it slows them down.

Stag – Ok, I’m aware that not everyone’s the same when it comes to this but hear me out. Guaranteed, the morning after your stag night out, majority of your group is feeling the aftereffects of all the alcohol consumed the night before. How many people can stomach a full English breakfast with a serious hangover and I mean really clear the plate!?  If you’re anything like me, with a hangover, greasy food really doesn’t sit well and really slows me down. I end up back in bed. 


Sumo – Sumo wrestlers will consume around 6 pints of beer with every meal. To sumo wrestler alcohol is classed as ‘empty’ calories because it has no nutritional value.

Stag – Mid-afternoon on your stag do of course you’re going to stop off for a few beers after your stag activity. And we know what some stag groups are like, 1 pint just doesn’t satisfy. I don’t think any more needs to be said on this point...

Sociable Meal 

Sumo – Studies have shown that when people socialise whilst eating they tend to consume much more food because it takes longer to get full. This is why sumo wrestlers always have sociable meals resulting in them eating a lot more.

Stag – When you’re on your stag do and you realise, you’ve actually just been filling yourself up with alcohol the whole weekend, it’s time to get some grub. When you all finally sit down for some food there’s going to be a lot of banter going on meaning you’re not actually concentrating on how much food you’re eating. 


Sumo – Some sumo wrestlers will go for a nap straight after eat allowing the calories to be stored as fat rather than being used as energy.

Stag – Ok, it’s been a long day, you’re knacker and hungry from all the running around you did at your paintballing stag activity. It’s time to get some food down you and hit the pillow for an hour ready for the big night out!


Be a Sumo Wrestler for the day! 

Ok, so we’re not going to ask you to put all the weight on, that’s what the sumo suits are for! Now we’ve discovered that on your stag weekend your group may have some of the same habits of a sumo wrestler, you might as well step in the ring (also known as dohyō) and take on the challenge. If you think you can handle our Sumo Wrestling stag activity call our party planners on 0115 941 5282.

Author : Yazmina Wallace 

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