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Ideas for a killer stag do


It’s not easy to plan a stag do. Should you go abroad, go on an adrenaline fuelled adventure, go on big night out in an unfamiliar city, get a limo hire, or just head straight for the strip club?

It can be difficult to know what’ll be the most fun for the lads. So, with that in mind, here are some stag ideas to give you some food for thought for your stag do.

In the daytime…


Paintballing is a great way to spend your day before you hit the town. But remember, it’s much more fun when it’s good weather.

It can still be fun when it pours down with rain but wipe your goggles every two seconds and getting covered in mud can put a dampener on it.

Off road buggies

So, assuming you’ve picked a sunny day, try a spot of HARDCORE racing. Bring the fun outside with some off road buggies, going up to 40mph!

Skid round corners and thrash it down the straights, making the mud leave splat in your mate’s face!


Ever thought about spinning 360° and bouncing along a track while having no control over it?

There’s nothing quite like zorbing to get the adrenaline pumping before the big night out. Granted, it leaves you a bit dizzy, but it gives you an unforgettable experience.

At night…

Hire a limo

What better way to kick off a lad’s night out than to travel in a luxury limo for hire? You can have some pre-drinks in the limo and get yourselves in a party mood before heading out on the lash.

Wherever you end up going, travel in style and comfort and make a limo hire part of the memorable occasion.

Drinking games

It’s always fun to have some drinking games up your sleeve. You can make most card games into drinking games – though it does get a bit messy.

Just don’t stack the deck too heavily against the stag…it might ruin everyone’s night when he’s being sick all night and you have to look after him. 

Hitting up the bars and clubs

This, of course, depends where you plan to hold your stag. But, presuming you’ve chosen a city, you shouldn’t have a problem finding places to go. Just make sure you don’t lose everyone when they’re hammered.

And end with…

There’s no need to into too much detail on this one…but I think we all know where it’s heading.

Thanks to Limo-Sceneuk for this article 

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