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Top 5 for you to drive


So, you know you and your group fancy jumping behind the wheel and showing each other in stag group how it’s done. But you’re not really sure on which driving stag activity you could like. Gentlemen, put your seatbelts on because here’s a fast track of Gents Events top 5 stag driving activities!

Quad Biking

Hold on to your helmets and be prepared for bumpy ride. During the quad trek you will be powering through water, tackling steep inclines and facing breath taking descents. Don’t worry, you get a practice run first, they won’t just throw you in at the deep end. If you’re a quad bike virgin, avoid the tree which I failed to do. The quad bike may break. Whoops! Don’t make the mistake of wearing your brand new white trainers for this stag activity, it guaranteed to get dirty.

Available: Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Nottingham, and Newcastle

Tank Driving 

ATTENTIONNNNN! Fancy yourself as an army commander? If you think you can handle heavy machinery and fancy a challenge… Hello ex-army tanks. It wouldn’t be right driving a 15.5 ton without wearing full camouflage suits & helmets. There is also an option for mini tank driving where you’ll have to confront tight and twisty sections, water dips and various other obstacles.

Available: Leeds, Nottingham & York

Go Karting

Let the competition begin. This is an absolute classic stag driving activity.  With an option of indoor and outdoor go karting you and your group have the option to fly around the track no matter what the weather. Dependant on the venue winning drivers could expect a variety of prizes from medals, trophies or podium award ceremonies including the traditional bubbly spraying. On your marks, get set.. GO!

Please note: A beautiful woman wearing hot pants & waving a checked flag is not included in this package.

Available: Nationwide

4x4 Driving

Whether you decide on 4x4 Off Road Driving or 4x4 Blindfold Driving you’ll have to put your trust in your group and the instructor as you battle through the course. You will need to trust your group as much as the vehicle. Take on the drips, falls and waterholes.

Available: Birmingham, Nottingham and Newcastle

Off Road Buggies

Get ready to hit some serious speed in these rapid off road buggies. Race around the purpose built track but watch out for the jumps because before you know it, you’ll be mid-air. This stag driving activity will seriously test your off road driving skills. We also offer a similar option which is Powerturn buggies, 2 engines, no foot pedals & no steering wheel just a lever.

Available: Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth and Nottingham

If you think the through of doing any of these activities will drive you group crazy call us on 0115 941 5282 for more information.

Author : Yazmina Wallace

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