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Guarantee seeing at least one Naked Woman on your Stag Do!


How about a stag do activity that involves seeing women naked but isn’t going to make your other half leave you hanging at the alter? We have the perfect medium for you; Nude Life Drawing!

Naughty but tasteful, this activity is sure to be a good laugh, and might even leave you a little red faced! Watch as the nude female model adopts a series of poses *ahem* in front of you and your group of friends (brave girl!) whilst your tutor guides you through various exercises and techniques in order to create a stunning piece of art… Well that’s the aim any way!

Unleash your competitive streak as you put charcoal to paper and sketch out the female form in front of you. Make sure it’s flattering though, as when you’ve finished, the roles are reversed and your model will then judge your masterpieces and crown one of them; the ‘Best Drawing of the Day’! Perhaps you could make it a little more competitive between you budding artists and place a bit of a wager on who may be the model’s favourite?

Nude Life Drawing is available nationwide for a minimum group size of ten, and lasts approximately one hour.

To enquire about this stag activity, or to discuss the range we offer, please call our sales team on 0115 941 5282.

Author : Laura Wojtania

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