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Go karting on a Stag Do – Our Guide on how to win on the track


Go Karting Stag Do

It’s a classic stag do activity but a classic for a good reason.  Go Karting will always be one of the most popular stag activity choices amongst us gents.  There is a special bond between guys and cars (generally anything which goes fast with a motor and a set of wheels) and this is probably why Go Karting is so popular for Stag Do’s.  It will give you a chance to walk the walk after all the trash talking you have done amongst your friends about who is the better driver amongst you all.  No police will be around with speed detection guns, and there will be no insurance phone calls to make because you have had a bump.  It’s one of the few times in your life where you can put your foot down and go as fast as you possibly can. 

So enough of why Go Karting is so popular and more onto how to beat everyone else on the track.  Like most of us, I absolutely love Go Karting and a few of my friends are some serious racers (they compete in competitions etc…).  Over the past few years, I have picked up some nifty tips from them today I am going to share them with you so that you can be crowned number 1 and can soak you mates in the champagne celebrations on the podium.

Get equipped

When you arrive at the go karting venue, the guys there will kit you out with overalls, gloves (optional) and a helmet.  The overalls go on top of what you are already wearing so is strongly advise to wear a t-shirt.  It gets unbelievably warm once you put your helmet on and gloves along with your overalls and after an hour of thrashing it out on the track with your adrenaline pumping away, you will get a serious sweat on.  Last thing you want to do is go for a drink after Karting and the women smell you from a mile away and keep at a mile away! 

As for footwear, generally you want to wear something with a hard sole.  For those of you who love Toms, I wouldn’t recommend these as by the end of the session it will feel like the accelerator pedal is now moulded to the bottom of your foot.

Learn the track on your warm up

Once you have watched the really cheesy safety briefing videos and been warned about getting a black flag, the guys will let you loose for 1 or 2 warm up laps.  This is your opportunity to scout the track (unless you’re a bit of a geek and have researched the track on-line before you got there!).  The things you want to look for are where the big straights are, wide corners and sharp corners.  The big straights will be your main overtaking spots so it’s important to get a good exit on the corner before the straight, the sharp corners are where you really need some good braking (without spinning) and the wide corners will be other great overtaking spots.

Use your brakes as little as possible

This is one of the best pieces of advice I got.  Just because you see a corner coming ahead, rather than hitting the e pedal, you should just try lifting your foot off the accelerator and whizz round the corner.  On your warm up laps, you will have seen the hard bends and these are where you definitely will need to break hard, but on many of the corners, you will notice that you can simple just lift off the gas and take the bend with ease.  This dramatically improves your lap times because everyone’s natural reaction is ‘there’s a corner, I need to brake and this is where you will have chance to overtake people pretty easily.  You should only brake on a straight line and not through a corner.


Something which you will often see on a track is people skidding a lot on a corner, often spinning.  This is because they have entered too sharp, wacked on their brakes and ended up trying to turn their way out of trouble.  To take a corner properly, enter it from the widest possible angle, and turn in as close as you can to the inner bend (see diagram below).  Then as soon as you feel like you can put your accelerator pedal down fully, go for it.  As Jackie Stewart once said on an episode of Top Gear ‘Only press the accelerator when you can fully put it down’.  Don't forget to also lean your body weight into the corner.  This is absolute key!

Take advantage of their mistakes

Watch the person in front of you, as if they are a decent driver, the only way you’re going to overtake is by out breaking them and watching for them to take a corner wrong.  Corners are the easiest place to overtake so if you see the person in front has gone wide, get the inner line and away you go.

Avoid the barriers

Sounds obvious but a lot of people often clip the barrier on the exit of a corner (because they took it too fast).  This will knock off precious seconds from your lap time and will give your competitors a chance to overtake you!

Test the limits

When you’re on your warm up laps try and see where the absolute last point is to break on approaching a tight corner.  Then remember a point on the track so you know where the breaking point is.  This will be key if you’re planning to outbreak someone as if they break early and you can see your break point later, you’re on to a winner and will have a great overtaking chance!

These are my tips for you serious Go Karters, but remember it’s all a bit of fun at the end of the day! (Yeah we all think that until we put our helmets on!)

If you are looking to book a go karting stag do, speak to our dedicated team as we offer go karting for stag do’s nationwide in 15 cities across the UK.

Author : Sunny Matharu

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