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Britain’s 2012 Best Man Nominations


When choosing your best man, it’s normally someone you’ve known for years like your best friend or brother. It’s essential that you can trust them, they’re reliable and most importantly that you are confident that they can organise you an incredible stag do. It’s always good to know that the person you’ve left in charge of something that is important to you knows what they’re doing to give you a little peace of mind. We’ve chosen some celebrity grooms of 2012 to compare what their best man skills would be like, they’ve had their weddings and know what the groom needs to make sure not only the wedding but the run up to it goes as smooth as possible. Although, most men would rather have a bumpy ride on their stag do. After all, it is going to be your last night of manic and mayhem before that ring goes on your finger.


James Corden

With James Corden starring in shows like Gavin & Stacey and Little Britain he’s guaranteed to have all of the wedding guests in stitches! He is certain to deliver an impressive speech, capturing all of the amazing memories of your single life however you don’t know what might slip out when he’s in the moment.  Of course a Comedy Club stag do would be on the cards which would have your group in hysterics. With two hours of hilarious entertainment with 3 – 4 comedians, although you’ll have to tell James to beware if he decides to heckle - what goes around comes around!

Jack Osbourne

The Osbourne family are known for being outrageous and if Jack’s your best man your stag do is undoubtedly going to be chaos. The stag do he’ll have prepared would be non-stop!   Starting off with paintballing, moving on to cocktail making to get the drinks flowing and then on to a crazy night on the party bus. The great thing about having Jack Osbourne as a best man at your wedding, is that if there were any issues with the venue etc. he’d get them sorted straight away and wouldn’t take no as an answer.

Marvin Humes JLS

With Marvin as your best man there’s no need to worry about the evening entertainment as he could just pull in a quick favour from the rest of his JLS band mates or gorgeous wife from The Saturdays.  That is 100% wedding entertainment with a massive tick. The JLS boys love a good dance which is why they may choose Thriller Dance Class for the Stag Do activity. Learn the King of Pop’s legendary moves and the classic Thriller routine followed by an After Dark evening with some tasty food and showing the club the moves you learnt earlier on that day!

Prince William

Yes, I know he got married in 2011 but I had to get him in here! Prince William would be one the most organised best men there are out there with everything planned to perfection. Since he is a Prince and soon to become King, I’m sure he’s handled some very expensive jewellery in his time which is why I certainly wouldn’t be nervous about him being in charge of looking after the wedding rings. I’m sure he’d plan something out of the ordinary for the Stag Weekend like Nude Life Drawing and Weapons Training.

So, the nominations are in and it’s time for you to decide your winner! If you know which groom you would like to be your best man and which of their stag do choices are your favourite, then why not contact us to book one of these great stag packages or call us on 0115 941 5282 for more details.

Author : Yazmina Wallace

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