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What makes Nottingham good for a Stag Do?


Nottingham Stag Do

Nottingham is a small city with a big city mentality.  For a city which is the size of a 50p coin compared to London, it has got more than you can imagine.  It is becoming more popular for Stag Do’s and this is why a Stag Do in Nottingham is so great:

The first reason has to be the ratio of women to men, yes guys what you hear is true there really is nearly 5 women to every man!! So that’s a big tick straight away for Nott’s.

The next reason of course is Nottingham has the only Hooters in the UK, that’s right what a better way to spend the afternoon than watching sport, eating wings and being served by some very nice waitresses.

Nottingham is of course the home of Robin Hood, so we have a forest full of adventures and activities to keep any Stag group entertained from climbing through trees to tank driving to shooting to boot camp.  This is another great reason to visit Nottingham as we have such a great range of adventure and driving activity centres.

The Nightlife is another top reason for Stag’s to come to Nottingham as we have everything from pop to indie to rock to R’n’B and our bars and clubs have everything you could want from classy bars to walkabouts.

Being the central city it is also a great place for Stag parties to meet when you are all coming from different locations; it’s such an easy place to get to with great road links.

Nottingham’s famous market square is also a great place for stag pranks to take place with an audience, why not tie the stag to a lion or the Brian Clough statue. 

Of course Nottingham is home to the oldest football club, has the Trent Bridge cricket stadium, the Nottingham Rugby club, the Nottingham Outlaws rugby league club, the Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team, and we even have an American Football team, so whatever sports you like watching we have it covered.

I think from this you can see Nottingham really is the place for your Stag party.  Nottingham has girls, sport, and the best bars and clubs. So if you’re looking for a top place for your Stag party, Nottingham really is the city for you.   

If you would like to book a Nottingham Stag Do, contact our dedicated Party Organisers on 0115 9415282 or contact us below

Author : Brian Fretwell 

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