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Stag do Ideas for a no expense spared Stag do


Let’s face it, most guys want to go to Vegas for their stag do, but if for some reason or another you have your pockets full of cash but have decided to stay in the UK, we have some suggestions and some guides to really have a blow out within the home shores of the UK.  Trust us, you can still have a stag do better than the guys from Hangover without waking up with your tooth missing and a tattoo on your face!

So let’s discuss some stag do ideas and start with the attire

Let’s forget the cliché of getting a t shirt printed with names which were funny 50 years ago.  That’s long gone – now it’s all about making an impression… but not in the way which you would expect.  We have come across a brilliant concept from Foul Fashion who manufactures clothes based upon the scraps from factories.  No pieces match, so as you can imagine… it looks as foul as a night clubs lavatories after a busy weekend…ok maybe not that foul, but still foul enough!  Below we have selected a foul suit for all of the gents to wear.  It consists of a fantastic unmatched shirt, blazer and trousers all for £124.97.  

Foul Fashion

Remember, this is a no expenses stag do, so we recommend wearing ‘shirt & collar’ attire, but just not from the Hugo Boss peg.  Stag Do’s have to have a fancy dress element, but we feel that the selection above is perfect and dressing the stag up in a maids outfit just isn’t what it’s about these days.

Outfits sorted, £124.97 spent so far.  Let’s now move onto the all-important activities.

Choosing the right activities

Here you have a few options.  Are the gents thirsty for an adrenaline rush or thirsty for their pockets to be filled with more cash?  Let’s look at the adrenaline rush recommendations first. 

You can afford to be a bit greedy here and do more than 1 activity, and that’s why it would probably be best for you to consider a Combo Adventure Day.  What’s this I hear you ask?  Choose from a range of activities and then choose 2 to do.  You could go for something like a session on some Powerturn Buggies where you will race around off road powered by 2 200cc engines but there is no steering wheel and no pedals!  The drive from each side will turn you into the corners.  Then following your session on the buggies, take the leap of faith where you will be strapped in a safety harness and climb 35ft.  Take your place at the top, build up the courage and jump in an attempt to touch the buoy that’s been suspended just out of your reach. 

Combo Adventure Activities

Thirsty to fill your pockets with more cash?  It has to be a night at the casino then (obviously dressed in your foul fashion suits).  Collect your drinks on arrival (included In your package), enjoy a selection of delicious canapés and enjoy a 2 or 3 course meal (again, included in your package) right before you head off to the tables.  Then it’s over to you to work your magic, trying to look serious as you can in a foul fashion suit while you place your bets and try to win big.  

If the casino isn’t what you’re after, then try greyhound racing.  Enjoy a complimentary drink, a meal and a complimentary lucky dip, then it’s all up to you.  Spot that dog you think will win you big, place your bets, fold your arms and crack that big grin when you win. 

Now it would be rude not to finish off the evening in style wouldn’t it?  Depending on how tight your schedule is (or you could do this the following evening), upgrade your package to include VIP After Dark.  This includes a 3 course evening meal from a choice of restaurants with a glass of bubbly on arrival and half a bottle of wine each.  Then move onto the club where you will get in for free due to the VIP After Dark package. 

So there you go, a few ideas to consider if you want a stag do with no expenses spared.  If you were to buy the outfit, go for an adventure combo day, then hit the casino at night and for the following night enjoy a VIP after dark, this will cost you approximately £300 per person.  This of course includes a stay in a luxury hotel, complete with leisure facilities.

It’s entirely up to you want you want to do on your Stag do, and thankfully our team of Party Experts will advise you accordingly and make sure you get exactly what you want.  They are full of stag do ideas so you won’t be short of suggestions when you make an enquiry.

Author : Sunny Matharu

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