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Let the battle commence lads! Get your squad together and talk tactics before launching yourselves in to this realistic combat scenario. Suit up in your combat gear, get your game faces on and experience the real buzz of hunting and being hunted.

There’s a reason lads love running around fields and woods, shooting each other and pretending they’re soldiers…because it’s AWESOME! Revise your tactics and get your Call of Duty heads on before stepping in to combat - but remember lads, don’t be fooled by the word SOFT, this experience is anything but soft!


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Airsoft Stag Do in Nottingham

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  • Hardcore Airsoft Experience
  • Take down enemy lines with your M 5 Carbine guns
  • Experience an exciting combat scenario
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition included
  • All safety equipment provided

Airsoft Stag Do in Cardiff

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  • Competitive Airsoft Experience
  • A full day of realistic combat scenarios
  • Use of realistic replica M16 and AK47 guns
  • 1000 rounds of ammo included
  • Split into teams and the winning team will be crowned the champions

Airsoft Stag Do in Birmingham

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  • Combat Style Airsoft Activity
  • 6mm pellets fired from replica rifles!
  • 3000 rounds of ammunition per person
  • Beat your opponents in a team situation
  • Realistic battle scenario
  • Safety equipment and briefing provided

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