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Stag Do Forfeits

Stag Do Forfeits

When it comes to stag do’s you and the stags will be getting up to a lot of mischievous behaviour and someone has to keep you all in check! A set of forfeits are like punishments from the laws of the stag do. There will most likely be a lot of forfeits dished out if the dares and challenges are not complete. 

Being the leading experts in Stag Do’s we know a thing or two about forfeits! So make sure you do the dares you have been given and complete the challenges that have been set because here is our list of the best stag do forfeits!

  1. Sock it up
    For this forfeit, you will need 2 things. A sock and a drink. If this forfeit is chosen, the victim must take off their sock and place it over the drink you’re drinking and down it!
  2. Armpit
    Here the victim has to find a stranger and lick their armpit. The hairier the better!
  3. Dad Dance
    Once this forfeit has been put into action the victim has to dad dance all the way to the next bar or pub.
  4. Need a hand?
    Head on over to the gents toilets and offer to give anyone a helping hand with their business. One person must accompany them so they can make sure the victim does it.
  5. Sexy fondle
    Approach a stranger in the bar and offer them a sexy fondle in the bushes.
  6. My pet dog
    For this punishment, the prosecuted offender must crawl around on his hands and knees pretending to be the stag group’s pet dog for 10mins. He cannot talk, only bark.
  7. Tied
    The shoes of the victim must be tied together for 30mins.
  8. Lock of hair
    The victim must convince any girl at the bar to give him a lock of her hair. He cannot return to the group without it.
  9. The marriage
    When someone inevitably asks your group who is getting married, the victim must explain it is him and the groom. It must be convincing.
  10. Pavarotti
    For the next 15mins, the victim must sing everything he says Pavarotti style. This will work wonders if it’s his turn to get the round in!

For an ultimate punishment create a sign to place on the victim that reads:

”Have a forfeit for me? Text or call: insert number

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