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How to have a BBQ in the rain?

It’s August and we as Brits love a good BBQ! Now us being Brits also know that our summer will usually contain a lot of rain! And I mean A LOT! But we’re not going to let some water dampen our moods (Pun intended), we’re built from stronger stuff than that! There are plenty of things that can happen on a BBQ that you can plan for but the British weather is not one! So we at GentsEvents like to be prepared so we don't get any soggy meat! So here is how to have a BBQ in the rain!

Be prepared:

This may sound stupidly simple but a lot of people forget about it! Make sure that you have a clean BBQ so you don’t have to be scrubbing it down in the rain. Make sure you have enough food for the extra guests you didn’t invite. (The neighbours will smell your food!) Before announcing you’re about to start cooking to get everyone excited, make sure you have given the BBQ sufficient time to heat up.

How to BBQ in the rain


Unless you have 3 arms that can hold your Umbrella, BBQ tongs and Grill lid then you could use something acting like a giant umbrella! It will keep you, your food and your guests dry which ultimately keeps spirits high! If you’re cooking inside the gazebo then to keep the air circulating make sure the walls have been taken down! 

Bring the heat:

When the rain falls the wind follows bringing the temperature right down, meaning the grill will get cooler a lot quicker! Throw some extra coals on the BBQ to bring the heat up nice and high! Sometimes less is better, try opening the grill lid as little as possible! The more you open the grill to the air, the more heat will escape. You could also use a bit of DIY and create a wind break around the BBQ with some scrap wood which would prevent the BBQ from losing too much heat!

How to BBQ in the rain

Hot drinks:

At a BBQ everyone enjoys a drink or two. In the hot sun, we all want a freezing cold beverage that will cool you down. Now on a typical British summer, we might want to opt for something a little warmer when it’s raining. Offer your guests to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and (if they’re 18+) spice them up a bit!

If your guests have the taste for Earl Grey Tea then spice it up with some bourbon. The spirits sweetness balances out the sharp notes and it will complement the tea nicely.

How to BBQ in the rain

If Bourbon isn't good enough try adding Rum instead. The Rum will round of the tea's bitter edge, unlike Whisky which would emphasize the bitterness.

So your guests have a taste for coffee, well no need to worry as there are plenty of spirits to add to coffee. You can add Kahlua which will add a touch of sweetness and a bit of roasted flavour to increase that BBQ feel. 

You can add Amaretto for a nutty note or Grand Marnier for a sweeter orange flavour. But by far one of the publics favourite. Bailey’s Irish Cream. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser when it comes to keeping your guest warm and jolly.

But don’t forget that no one will pass on a beer no matter the weather! 

Be in the best mood:

Yes we know it’s raining and yes we know that you can’t do anything about it, so stop stressing relax! Play some upbeat music, play some games, maybe even give your BBQ a theme! Challenge your guests to a few indoor activities. Try balancing a bottle on your guest’s head and they must then try and pick up a cork placed on the floor with their mouth. Music is a big one! With upbeat music that you can all sing along to and have a dance to you'll all be in a great mood. And soon enough if you keep your spirits are high and you’re in a great mood everyone will quickly forget that it’s raining and just have a great time!

Be the best host:

Being the best host doesn’t just mean cooking the best food for all your guests it means being able to adapt. You need to be happy to cook all alone outside whilst your guests keep shelter inside. If the rain is really coming down make sure your guests are happy inside and you can always open a window to stay in communication with them whilst you're cooking away. Because once you're all tucking into those delicious burgers or sausages or rack of ribs it will all be worth it!

Eat indoors:

At the end of the day if the rain is really too much to handle you can always eat inside! If your gazebo isn’t big enough for everyone I’m sure people will naturally migrate indoors. Barbequing is all about the food and the amazing atmosphere so you could always move it to the kitchen and have the party carry on there! 

How to BBQ in the rain

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