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How to survive a stag do in London

How to survive a stag do in London

So Lads, you’re off to London on your stag do. The capital of our great nation! You are in for a real treat, but there’s nothing worse than getting all excited and pumped up for a big night if you’re not ready to survive it. Here is our guide on how to survive a stag do in London.

Know the Slang

First things first, guys you have to know the slang! When someone is talking about ‘Crepes’ they aren’t discussing the latest trends in French pancakes! They are talking about shoes! Here are some of the key slang terms you’ll need to know to survive your stag do in London.

  • Allow it
    If someone says to you “Allow it” it simply means ‘stop it’.
  • Hectic
    Now hectic isn’t a bad term it actually just means Good.
  • Mandem
    This means a good friend, as in a group of lads. You may here this term on your stag do if you befriend some Londoners.
  • Peng
    Peng is a positive term. It means good looking or tasty. So you can use that one when the lads are trying to pull.
  • Tourist
    You will most likely be known as this if you’re not from London. To me and you that sounds fine but it actually means a ‘clueless person’.
  • Treck
    You may come across this term if you’re asking for directions. It means something far away. Eg. That bar is a treck.
  • Wifey
    If someone refers to a girl as their ‘wifey’ then don’t talk to that girl as it is their girlfriend.

Drinking Tactics

How to survive a Stag Do in London - drinking tactics

Lads it’s alright! Not everyone can drink like a fish but we’ve got some damn good tactics to make sure you can at least last the night!

  • Let’s set this straight! When it’s your stag do Eating is NOT cheating! Have a good carby meal before going out. You’ve got to line your stomach for the biggest test of its life. There will be a hell of a lot of drinking so make sure your body is prepared.
  • It may be an old wife’s tale that your mother used to tell you when you were 18, but drinking Milk before going out has a similar affect and will increase your endurance.
  • Water is your friend – between me and you, I do this a lot! Have some water between drinks to slow down the effect of your drinks. Meaning you can out drink most people! Just pretend its straight vodka and they will think you are a hero.
  • It’s your stag do in London, you are bound to have shots, just think about the next morning, Don’t Mix Drinks (too much).
  • Tactical Chunder.When worst comes to worst, bring out your inner Bear Grylls to survive. A tactical chunder can be treated as a factory reset button. But it can take its toll on your stomach so it’s not practical for every night out. Oh! And don’t forget a chewing gum!
How to survive a Stag Do in London - where to drink

Where to drink

Every stag is different, some may be looking for that Irish bar others maybe a high class lounge. London has a wide variety of places to go for the perfect tipple for your stag do! Here are some of our favourite watering holes in the big city.

The Irish Bar

So if you’re the kind of fella that wants the luck of the Irish on your side to survive the night. Head to the biggest and best Irish Bar in central London, Waxy O’Connor’s! With a warm Irish welcome and a pint of Guinness in hand you are off to a cracking start on your London stag do. Waxy O’Connor’s has regular live music and with 4 unique bars over 6 Levels, this is no quick pit stop lads. Take a tour of the labyrinth and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Let’s see if you and your stags can out drink the Irish! (Probably not)

How to survive a Stag Do in London - Waxy OConnors

The Sports Bar

Somehow your stag do coincides with that all important match you were dying to see. We all know recording it and watching it later just isn’t the same. Don’t worry lads all is not lost we have you covered with Sports Bar & Grill. Our Favourite sports bar in London has an extensive sport schedule from F1 to Football all in HD! Check out their up-to-date schedule to see which of their London Venues is more suited to your sports schedule. If you get peckish watching the game we highly recommend trying one of their Beer Dogs! A twist on the classic American hotdogs. This will definitely help to line you stomach and make you feel like you’re almost there at the match in person.

How to survive a Stag Do in London - Sports Bar and Grill

The Wine Bar

Fancy yourself a connoisseur of wines? Looking for something sophisticated with abundance of atmosphere and history? Then London’s Gordon’s wine bar is perfect for you. It’s thought to be the oldest wine bar in London, we certainly think it’s the best. As soon as you enter you are immersed in the history of Gordon’s Wine Bar. With history clippings on the wall and its unchanging décor, it oozes character and charm perfect for your stag weekend in London. The bar is set inside a wine cellar with relaxed gentle music and dim lighting. It’s the perfect setting to converse and indulge in good wine & cheese with your fellow Comrades. The staff will want to help you make a decision with their never ending knowledge about everything wine. If you have a group size of 8-10 people then you can book out “The Cage” the old wine cellar to make it feel even more exclusive.

How to survive a Stag Do in London - Gordons Wine Bar

The Nightclub

Nightclubs are always a lot of fun and 99% of the time are open the latest. With a mixture of crowds and scenery, London has an incredible amount of nightclubs for you and your stags to go to! One of our favourite nightclubs is The Loop Bar. The Loop Bar is 3 floors of fun, a huge party destination for you and your stags to take advantage of whilst you’re in London. They have regular events on Thursdays to Saturdays and are open till the early hours so you’ll have a bit of sunlight when stumbling back to the hotel. If the Loop Bar tickles your fancy why not take advantage of our VIP After Dark Package where you will receive a 3 course meal before heading out. Saving you some money to buy more drinks with later in the evening.

How to survive a Stag Do in London - the nightclubs

Where to eat

London has thousands of places to eat and with our VIP after dark package you will be able to choose from a variety of different restaurants on your London stag do. One of the restaurants included is Tiger Tiger, this restaurant has ultimate party at its heart. With 6 different bars to go to after you’ve finished eating, all within the same building you could spend all night here! Another Restaurant we have handpicked would be SWAY , serving small plates to share and hand rolled pizzas. This restaurant also shares a night life bar so that you don’t have to go far once you have finished eating. If those still don’t get your mouth watering head to Foundation. This is a restaurant and bar so that you can get your drink on and get a little rowdy with the boys! Food and Beer, what else could anyone ask for? to survive a Stag Do in London - where to eat

Know where your hotel is

London is a very big city and it is very easy to get lost. We have created a map with all the bars locations that we have mentioned in this blog. A picture is worth a thousand words. When it gets to the end of the night and your slurring your words, got a kebab in hand and just want to hit the hay. We highly recommend taking a photo of the front of your hotel and the street name of it before heading out. With these two picture any decent London cabbie should be able to find your hotel. Locals have the knowledge, ask reception what taxi numbers they recommend. Don’t forget London has Uber too, so if you’re out of cash by the end of the night stick it on the card. It might even be beneficial to put the hotels phone number in your phone and they will be able to give a trusted taxi firm a call for you. I’m sure the hotel you choose for your London stag do will be more than happy to help. to survive a Stag Do in London - bar map

What to watch out for

When you and your stags are pretty tipsy and don’t know up from down and left from right you will be a little vulnerable to losing a few things like bags or phones and wallets. So lads look out for each other when you’re on your stag do in London!

When traveling around in London, try and plan ahead to where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. There are plenty of different ways to travel around London Taxi, Underground, Bus they are all good methods but some may break the bank more than others.

  • If you want to use a taxi make sure that you only use taxis or minicabs that are registered. This method is usually more expensive but will get you to your destination the quickest. Uber is most likely to be your cheapest option for a taxi but if you’re a large group this may be cumbersome.
  • Next up is the Underground, you can walk on with just your bank card so no faffing about with tickets. This will be the second fastest, it just won’t take you to the door.
  • Finally it’s the bus, these will be the cheapest and most likely the slowest. I would personally recommend the underground for getting around quickly, especially if you’ve been around London in the daytime, just get an all-day pass.

Oh and lads! This one may be obvious but sometimes can be forgotten, NO MAN GETS LEFT BEHIND! Make sure no one is left to walk back alone, he’ll most likely get lost.

What to carry with you:
I know it’s your stag do and you will probably want to splash out with the lads before you get that ball and chain around your ankle. Just try not to carry too much cash out with you, you will end up spending it all or buying the whole bar a round. The less items you go out with the better, you’re going to struggle looking after yourself never mind your belongings! So just the bare essentials, Phone, wallet and ID.

Golden rules:
Granted, when in London some people will want to buy you a drink on your stag do and you may be thinking, who wouldn’t want a free drink! Just remember, go to the bar with them to get your drink. Other Golden Rules would be:

  • Thumb over your bottle.
  • Men don’t drink from straws, unless it’s a strawpedo!
  • If you offer to buy a woman a drink and she refuses, she does not like you...
  • If you offer to buy a woman a drink and she accepts, she still might not like you.

Finally when you’re all heading back make sure you stay connected to each other and check that you all got back safely.

So there you have it

There you go then lads. Here is everything that you will need to know about surviving a Stag do in London. We want you to have the best possible stag night in London whilst still remaining safe. It’s an amazing city with surprises around every single corner!

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