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Where to get on the mend on your stag weekend in Cambridge

You know the crack it’s your stag weekend and you’ve been out on a messy one. You’ve woke up £300 worse off with a semi-permanent tattoo on your face and to top it off your head’s banging. Although your missis told you to take paracetamol with you and drink water before bed you didn’t listen and now you’re after some sympathetic treatment to make yourself feel better. Here’s where to get on the mend on your Cambridge stag weekend.

Food: No matter how bad you feel you’re only going to feel worse if you don’t eat. A trusty fry-up is always a good option as they help replace fatty acids and break down the alcohol still sat in your stomach. The Urban Shed located on King Street is a top place to grab some grub! On their sandwich bar they offer‘Breakfast shed’ where you can order ultimate breakfast baguettes/rolls or opt for a breakfast in a box for that ultimate fry up feeling! They cater for vegetarians too with the veggie breakfast box and veggie baguette alternatives.

Relax: Now that you’re filled with lovely food you’re one step closer to curing that nightmare hangover! The next step is to relax. You could of course visit the Cambridge University Botanic Garden and take a rejuvenating walk to clear your head. The charming grounds are full of plants for you to admire and it really is the perfect place to simply enjoy your surroundings.

Sleep: If you’ve only had an hours sleep then it’s probably not just your hangover that’s making you feel crappy. Choose from one of our gold hotels with leisure to get the ultimate sleep to rejuvenate you ready for the night ahead. If you can’t sleep however, check out the leisure facilities and take a dip in the pool or unwind in the sauna or steam room. 

If all else fails: If you’ve tried all the above and you simply can’t move out of bed then there’s only one option left. Ever heard the phrase “What makes you bad makes you better”? I’m not sure if it’s actually true but get a few beers down your neck and hope for the best! If you head to the Cambridge brew house on King Street they are supposed to serve the best craft beer in Cambridge. The Cambridge brew house is the only brewpub in the area where you can watch the brewer working away, giving it that extra edge over other craft beer venues around the city.  With fantastic reviews for the atmosphere & service (as well as the beer of course!) it’s no wonder this lovely pub goes down a treat with the locals as well as people visiting. Surely that’s enough to scare your hangover away! At least until
tomorrow anyway…

So there you have it, where to get yourself on the mend on your Cambridge stag weekend! For more information on our Cambridge stag weekend packages or to enquire about one of our other cities visit the Gents Events website or ring one of our party planners on 0115 941 5282.