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Gents Events does Cardiff: Welsh Games!

An upside to working for the APT Leisure team is that we often get to try our all the awesome experiences that we offer to our clients. This enables us to become experts in our field – passing on our knowledge to you guys. Of course, a benefit to us does mean we get to have an awesome weekend together too! A few weeks ago a team of us were fortunate enough to take a trip to the city of Cardiff. Eagerly, we stepped up to the mark. We explored the sights, visited hotels and of course took part in the legendary Welsh Games! Questioning the team afterwards, I’m sure you won’t think twice
about including Welsh Games on your Cardiff stag do weekend!

What was your personal highlight of the whole weekend?

The sheep shenanigans, pull the pit pony and drunk dragons in Welsh Games - Mario

Welsh Games was so much fun, drunk dragons was a personal highlight! The costumes had everyone in fits of laughter! – Jacqueline

Welsh Games was amazing! Great bonding experience for the team - Louise

Welsh Games was so much fun! – Deanne

The Welsh Games was brilliant - Laura

Welsh Games!!! It was so good! - Jo

Would you recommend Welsh Games for stag groups?

Yes, because it’s fun with different activities for all - Mario

Definitely, it encouraged teamwork and healthy competition – perfect for groups who don’t know each other well – Jacqueline

I would certainly recommend this activity for groups that are adventurous, like outdoor activities and a good laugh - Natalia

100% - everybody can take part and there’s nothing too challenging, apart from mounting the big sheep, and it’s definitely a laugh a minute! – Tanisha

Helped break the ice so would be good for parties where you don’t necessarily know each other that well – Louise

Absolutely. It’s something different and great fun, so gets the competitive nature out of your
group and ideal if everyone doesn’t know each other to get acquainted – Larisa

Yes, great fun, great team building game, great for groups wanting to get to know each other – Deanne

Yes a great way to bond as a group and have a good laugh - Laura

Definitely, it’s a great ice breaker for people that may not know each other and also you can create some really funny memories and some great photos!! - Jo

What was the funniest moment from the weekend?

It has to be watching everyone on Sheep Shenanigans! Seeing your work colleagues in VERY different surrounding and situations makes for a hilariously funny afternoon! – Jacqueline

My belly hurt from laughter when the group was trying to stay for as long as they could on
wobbling sheep – Natalia

Definitely watching the group aim their balls at the cardboard cut outs of welsh celebrities! That was hilarious! – Tanisha

Duffin’ Daffyd at Welsh Games, don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much! – Deanne

Welsh Games seeing people fall over and get wet! – Laura

It’s safe to say we had THE best time at Welsh Games, so if you want to find out more information, learn about the games we played or just have an oogle at a hilarious video of Welsh Games – take a look here!

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