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Not your average London Stag Do Ideas

London, the capital of England, bursting with great places to see, attractions to visit and bars to drink in. You could do the “norm” on your stag do, you  know, get some strippers, drink your body weight in beer and maybe even play a few pranks on the stag himself. However, recently I have learnt London is full of completely wacky, unusual things that look rather entertaining. I’m going to tell you why these are not your average London stag do ideas.

1.       Ladies & Gentlemen

So you’ve heard all about London night life with its celebrities, VIP areas, and Champagne bottles the size of your house….  However I bet you never thought of an underground cocktail bar housed in a former public toilet. Launched in early 2015 “Ladies and Gentlemen” is an underground bar located in a disused Victorian lavatory (after a huge renovation, of course) opposite the Kentish town forum. With a huge range of cocktails and its own “Gin Club” this is definitely somewhere different to have drinks on your London stag do.

2.       Icebar

As if England isn’t cold enough 11 out of 12 months of the year - you now have the option to enjoy drinks with ice, surrounded by ice! Everything in the “Icebar” is made out of crystal clear ice, from the ornaments around you to the glasses you drink from. They operate in 40 minutes time slots and you are given a designer thermal cape with a hood and gloves to keep you warm during your visit. Once a year the bar is completely transformed with a new design theme by a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors and this ground breaking innovation is what Icebar London has become famous for.

3.       Dans Le Noir

Ever thought about eating your dinner in the pitch black? Me neither… but now you can! Although the idea may seem a little strange Dans Le Noir promise to take you to a whole new world. On arrival they ask you to put any belongings into a locked cupboard, especially anything that emits light including watches and mobile phones. After ordering you are lead to a completely darkened room where the waitress explains your table layout before being served your dinner. Although the unique and exotic food is supposed to be incredible, the experience itself is what sells it to me as an unusual London stag do idea.

4.       Kings Cross Pond

Swimming in the middle of a construction site isn’t one of my dream personally, but it is a quirky idea for you and your groomsmen! At the heart of Kings Cross construction site there is a 40-meter chemical free pond that you can buy tickets for and enjoy a swim in. The Kings Cross Pond is surrounded by wild flowers and grasses, making it a rather peaceful place to swim, considering you’re in the heart of London.

5.       London Loo Tour

If you’re not looking for a ‘bog standard’ London experience (pardon the pun) then the London Loo Tour could be the perfect option for you. You can choose from the “Water-loo” Tour or the “B-loo-msbury” Tour and you’ll be guided (by either Amber-loo or Lucy-loo) around London’s best public lavatories.

So there you have it, some not so normal London stag do ideas. Of course we recommend teaming these ideas with great activities such as Bubble Football and Indoor Go Karting topped off with a VIP After Dark club and restaurant experience  - so be sure to enquire with Gents Events. It wouldn’t be complete without us! For other great London stag do packages ring one of our party planners on 0115 941 5282 or enquire on our website.

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