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Things you might like to know before going on your Stag Do in Bristol

It goes without saying that Bristol is a top notch city to have your stag do in. Bristol is producer of great food and quality beverages. This along with sporting a cracking accent and rather friendly nature makes Bristol a darn good choice for your stag weekend.

However, you may like to know a little about Bristol’s background, history and culture before you take yourselves there. I joke, actually you’ll probably just want to know the cool stuff – like what famous people are from there right? Well we’re going to tell you anyway…


You may find yourself giggling at the Bristol twang, you can just hear The Wurzel’s ‘Combine Harvester’ going around your head right now can’t you? And this band themselves were particularly hilarious when we think about it. However, Bristol has produced or been home to some ‘serious’ big time comedians. Legendary funny man Lee Evans – known for his stupendous stand ups, combining music, acting and comedy. It seems he wasn’t the only one to go down this route either, as Bill Bailey was born very close to the city of Bristol. Comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams (you know, Little Britain) met at The University of Bristol.


OK so banter and jokes will most certainly be priorities for you stag do in Bristol – but perhaps art and culture is not. However, that said – one artist who certainly has made art ‘cool’ and bought it ironically to the masses is Banksy. Bristol is adorned with Banksy street art, so on your wanders do keep a look out and take a picture of these iconic politically charged pieces. If graffiti’s not your thing – Damien Hirst was born in Bristol. You remember him? He preserved animals and cut them into slices for all to admire– nice huh?!


Arguably apart from The Wurzles, Massive Attack are the biggest band to come out of Bristol to date. And this isn’t something to be sniffed at. Their huge single ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ has been voted 10th greatest song of all time by The Guardian. YouTube it if you don’t think you know it – you will.  Fellow nineties trip hop band Portishead also formed in Bristol and were named after the nearby town of the same name. Electronic trio Kosheen, are still producing music today. 


For those of you who love a bit of tellybox action you wil recognise these titles. One of Andrew Lincoln’s (Walking Dead) first big roles, Teachers was a hit sitcom for channel 4 from 2001 to 2004. Being Human was also filmed in Bristol – following the lives of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost played by Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow. Perhaps the biggest of all TV productions to come out of Bristol is Skins. A hit for 6 years with 7 series in total – you must have seen at least one of them!

Failing all this impressing you, Sophie Anderton is also from Bristol. I would say keep a look out for her but I’m sure she would catch your eye regardless!

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