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Stag Party Ideas - those finishing touches!

The ladies seem to get all the fun when it comes to personal touches and fun additions to their hen party. Alright, were not the same in sense we wont to spend every waking minute putting together party bags, sewing sashes or making name badges. But when we think about it, it would be nice to add something a little different to the stag weekend. Well there are some personalised stag party ideas you could include. And here’s some inspiration for you –

Stag Fest Wristbands

 We would never use the word ‘cute’ but if there was some sort of manly equivalent, this is where it’s needed. These stag-fest wristbands would suit music mad stags perfectly. We all remember ‘forgetting’ to remove our wristbands when we came home from a festival, we won’t lie – we just wanted people to know where we had been and what a crazy weekend we had had. These bands are bound to get people talking. 

Stag T-shirt

So you’re out on the lash singing and chanting down the high street and you bump into a bunch of hens. Like a group of teenage boys you can’t contain your excitement. Before you know it a rather feisty looking bride to be is arms all over you asking who the stag is! Well these t-shirts would clear this up straight away – saves you getting any unwanted attention *ahem*. HOWEVER you can also get hold of ‘I’m the best man’ t-shirts as well as ‘I’m with the stag do’ – just in case you all fancy feeling a little bit VIP. (I am the stag t-shirt with horns, I am the stag t-shirt and I am the stag please return to)

Hangover Kit

The ladies love this stuff for their hen do’s. We pretend to be all like ‘nah I don’t need that stuff, I am a man!’ but actually when we think back to Chris’s stag of 2012, what we would have done to have everything we needed to become human again in one handy pouch! Oh the headache…. So swallow your pride and get yourself a hangover kit. It will have everyone right and rain in no time to get on with the important part of more partying!

Luckily for us, there are those out there who make a living from this sort of stuff – so we can just make a few clicks online and it’s at our door. If you do however fancy DIY-ing it – we promise not to judge you. Or just give the missus a new project! 

If you're in need of general stag weekend inspiration do check out our stag do ideas page for the best options!

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