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Spotted - Fancy Dress Stag Do Ideas London

The fancy stakes are upped every year when it comes to stag do’s. Then the stag do’s of the tomorrow can watch and learn, taking inspiration for their wild weekends of the future. Finding something original will always be a mission, somebody somewhere will have done it before – but there are some awesome fancy dress ideas which are still sure to surprise, shock and amaze everyone you come across on your stag weekend and beyond! Here are our picks of the best fancy dress stag do ideas that have been spotted in London

Vincent Tan

Who would have thought a 63 year Malaysian business man would be the subject of a stag do fancy dress theme? Well this is how Cardiff City Football Club owner Vincent Tan found himself. These football loving stags(presumably Welsh!?) donned their Cardiff tee’s, white shirts, moustaches and aviators on a stag do in London. We’ve just noticed Danny Devito seems to have gone along too! Nice one guys! Photo courtesy of @Soph_Allen on Twitter


Believe or not it’s been nearly 8 years since the initial release of 300. Let’s face it, it was pretty cool – despite the missus dribbling over Gerard Butler (we secretly wanted to be him) it was an awesome film. Hitting everyman’s inner warrior – releasing levels of testosterone we didn’t realise we had (yes, we were roaring and tearing around the living room after this one). These stags re-created the look just perfectly – too perfectly in fact. No way would we look like this. But you could have a right laugh trying to pull it off. Photo courtesy of @Ash_Handz on Twitter


Ok so we admit that these guys weren’t around very recently… but ‘my lord don’t they look splendid!?’ @Glenn_Kitson on Twitter likened these folks to Mumford & Sons. We can see their point! These stags are having a ‘beach day’ by the Thames – no beer bottles or lady clothes in sight. Just a good old fashioned knees up in stripy breeches and top hats! Photo courtesy of @Glenn_Kitson on Twitter.

The Mask

It’s been over twenty years since Jim Carrey’s frankly fantastic ‘The Mask’ first hit our screens. Most of us would have been children / teenagers then. But we still look back fondly on impersonating Stanley Ipkiss with ‘allllllrighty then!’ and ‘somebody stop me!’ These stags in London pulled it off (from what we can see from the back anyway!) complete yellow tails and hats. So grab your own and P.A.R.T.Why? – Because you gotta! Photo courtesy of @picklefork1965 on Twitter.

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