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Romantic Gifts for the Lady in your Life

It’s that time of year again chaps – we can hear Buble’s dulcet tones – 24 / 7 actually. Of course she’s busy getting everything sorted with spreadsheets, post-its, emails, secret deliveries and clearing the internet history. You up to now have sent a few texts to close family because she has urged you – Mum, what do you want for Christmas? She will no doubt sort it all, with guaranteed smiles from everyone on Christmas day. Over the last couple of days however you have realised with around 2 weeks to go until December 25th you are the one responsible for her smile on Christmas day morning. Let that sink in … your present is the MOST important. So we think it’s probably a good idea to get it right. Whether you’ve been with her for 10 months, or 10 years your gift has to be spot on. So she’s told you she needs some new kitchen knives and would quite like a practical winter coat. But top advice here gents, she really would like these things – but definitely wants something romantic too. That bit however is up to you to get right, we think it’s probably some sort of primal non-spoken test. Fear not, we are on hand to give you the best romantic gift ideas for the lady in your life to make sure you get smiles or even happy tears (bonus points) this Christmas!


This might seem a standard one, but it’s a firm favourite for a reason. Perfume is always needed, always wanted. The bottle she got last year has run out and the one she bought herself in the summer is ‘too floral’ for this time of year. We guarantee she would love something sexy and more complex. Be sure to purchase a name you recognise (for the right reasons) such as Marc Jacobs Decadence or Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. All else fails, buy the latest release of her favourite brand or her signature fragrance (you know the one running low on the bedside table). Perfume makes a woman feel sexy which eventually leads to you reaping the reward if you know what we mean.


Jewellery can be a head scratcher. Figuring out her style and preferences is what you need to do. The basics being there are three main metal types / colours gold (the yellow one) white gold(looks like silver, but goes down 100% better) and rose gold (the pinky one). You should be able to figure this out from the jewellery she owns already. Go with the majority if she has a mix. Once that’s sorted you just need to go down the route of bold and statement like Stella & Dot and Pandora or dainty and subtle. We think the latter is the best bet in most cases, screaming romance. Decide on your item – bracelet, necklace or earrings – maybe even the whole set. And you’re done! It’s good to get female relatives opinion on this one too. May we suggest a good brand name here too, if you’re feeling flush she will love you for a Tiffany piece.   


OK so this might freak you out at first but… get it right and you’re on to a winner. Size is key, you MUST get the right size. Too small and she’s embarrassed and upset, too big and she’s offended and upset. So do some snooping in her top drawer or whilst you’re getting down to it. Keep to professional Christmas present researcher status at all times – you don’t want to get a pervy name for yourself.  It takes a certain type of guy, with a certain amount of balls to pull this one off but it’s that risk that makes it the most rewarding. We’re not talking girlie boxers and t-shirt bras here – we’re talking high end lingerie and contour. Shop from the safety of your laptop (great eye candy with this one) and browse sexy underwear kings Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secret. Of course it’s what you would like to see her in, but make sure it stays within her comfort boundaries too.

Weekend Away

Moving away from the physical gifts to the giving of an experience. As much as you would like an adventure experience or maybe a beer tasting evening – she would love a romantic weekend getaway. Think spas, country retreats in romantic settings like the Cotswolds or the Lake District. Perhaps a city break and shopping trip in buzzing London, Manchester or Newcastle. Having something to look forward to that has already been paid for and arranged by you will really make her Christmas. Let face it, she has done all the hard work on the run up to – what a better way to thank her. She will really appreciate the sentiment in giving her a relaxing weekend away that’s all about her and you as a couple. This might take a little bit of extra effort, but she’s worth it no?


It’s something we don’t think to buy ourselves – and neither does she. A pair of tickets to see her best loved band (if you go too, it will show you to be taking an interest in her tastes) is sure to surprise her. If going to gigs isn’t her thing, perhaps a theatre show or theme park. Something different like a studio tour (like Harry Potter at Warner Brothers), tickets to be a part of a live TV performance or to see her favourite comedian. She will be marking her new calendar with her special date in no time!


Failing all these ideas, or maybe you just want a little something even more romantic to add to her pile of presents (Santa hats off to you if so). She is bound to like something personalised – and you can get ALLSORTS nowadays. Try not to be too tacky or make an offering similar to a teenage boy. Stick to her tastes and release your inner softie. Websites such as Not on the High Street and Etsy are great places to find the perfect personalised gift.

We hope we have been a saviour during your festive time of need – you can’t go wrong with at least one of the above ideas. Thank us, when she’s bringing you breakfast in bed and showering you with kisses! 

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