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Last minute New Year’s Eve Ideas

It’s creeping up to that time of year again for the best shindig of the year - the big NYE. It’s the last time to have one big blow out, get merry and messy and for there to be absolutely no shame or judging before the arrival of 2016! For those who are panicking on how they can carry on the tradition of hosting one hell of a NYE party, Gents Events have put together
the perfect plan!

The Entrance

Ask guests as they enter the pad to write their New Year’s resolution on a piece of paper and then pose for a picture whilst pulling their funniest facial expression. Make sure you tell them there’s a prize for the best one to ensure you get some real crackers. Then once the party’s flowing, set up the photos on the laptop/TV screen for all to relish and revel in.  This is bound to get those belly laughs rolling! 

The Drinking Game

A great drinking game to play to get everyone involved and in the party spirit is shot roulette. You’ll need around 20 shot glasses , arranged in a circle, that are filled with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquid, i.e. Jägermeister, vodka, tequila, cider, fruit juice, squash and lemonade. You will also need to fill a few of the glasses with unusual liquids too for a few surprises. Ideas are olive oil, tobasco, salad dressing and soy sauce. Place a wine bottle in the centre and take it in turns to spin and drink your chosen shot!

The Word Game

Get your guests chatting with a game of ‘I never did that’. This will not let you down! Each guest needs to say something that they ‘never’ did in the last year. It’s up to them to decide whether they tell the truth or not! It’s then down to everyone else to decide whether it’s a lie and for those that guess incorrectly will need to take a shot!

The ‘did we really do that’ Game

Now it’s time to get serious. Tie a large piece of fruit to each person’s waist (this can be anything from a banana to an apple), it will need to be hanging just off the ground. Place a hula hoop on the floor and then place a golf ball for each player equal distance from the hoop. Players will then need to use their hip action to roll the golf ball into the hoop using only the piece of fruit hanging from their waist. Get your phones ready as this is bound to create some hilarious snaps!

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