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How to Organise a Legendary Stag Weekend

Why Oh why!

Why oh why is it you that’s been picked to do this organisational rubbish? Admittedly you were pretty chuffed at first. Although you did have a pretty good idea that you were top choice when it came to best man. You would have given up all hope if you lost out to that idiot Rich – we all know that DICK is short for Richard don’t we? You are the chosen one, so revel in your new responsibilities. You’ve obviously been picked for a reason; that you can organise the most legendary stag weekend ever!

Who To Invite

Firstly let’s set things straight, Rich is NOT coming… This would be your first test. Actually, as much as you hate Dick and his cool job and awesome of humour – your best mate rather likes him. So he hasn’t been on the scene as long as you, but we all have friends from different areas of our lives. Rich is from football (cue “football frweeeendddds!” Inbetweeners style). You don’t go to football, you eat ‘guilty’ Nandos on the way home from work and still demolish what your missus cooks when you get home. Back to the point, establish from the groom to be just who he would like at his stag weekend and stick to it – most importantly when it comes to whether or not to invite Dad or the in-laws.

Where To Go

Let’s face it you’re not going to do the whole abroad thing. All that travel time is just wasted party time! The UK top cities serve up loads of stuff to do, great places to stay AND awesome nightlife. You should probably get the stag’s preference on this beforehand or at least a general idea of what type of city he would like his last weekend of madness to be in. London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle won’t disappoint if you’re looking for the up all night city get away. Whereas places like Bristol, Bournemouth, Nottingham and Glasgow present a more relaxed and leisurely type of stag weekend.

What To Do

Then there’s the activities. We won’t lie, it’s a rather competitive world when it comes to the best things to do on a stag weekend. Do you go for adventurous? Like Bubble Football (check out our video on the link it’s hilarious!) or Combo Adventure days (something for everyone then). Choose something
a little different
like Nude Life Drawing (you’re blushing just at the thought!) or Stag vs. Food (now this sounds like your sort of thing). With such amazing choice, you’ll be pushed not to find something that sticks out for you and the lads.  

When To Go 

A lad’s weekend is fit for any time of year – drinking and generally acting stupid isn’t confined to one particular season. However, as expected summer is the most popular time of year to go on a stag weekend. You may find the nice weather gives you all mood boost, as well as opening up the potential for making the most of the great outdoors. In winter however, an awesome weekend away might be just what you need to get you through those dark and dingey days. Worth knowing when the actual wedding is too – the stag weekend will need to be before this and eyebrows take at least a month to come back (same can’t be said for pride or dignity)


And just how are you going to put all this into play? Not to worry – get Gents Events on the blower (0115 9415282) or stop by our website for a live chat. And we’ll set you up with an amazing stag do package and do all your organising for you. Even right down to collecting everyone’s money (always an awkward one, and you don’t want to be talking to Dick more than you need to). Just curious? We have a great stag do ideas page to get the inspiration flowing!

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