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5 Quick Stag Do Games

There are so many games out there for stag do’s but not so many that are quick and easy to read about, understand and thus explain to the rest of the group. Let’s face it, you haven’t got time or actually, you just can’t be bothered to read reams of rules in order to have a good time. So we have come up with 5 super quick stag do games which you can grasp in no time and get the lads on it!


All the guys think up a dare for the stag – be as random, funny, mean and outrageous as possible. Then as the games master – and in this case the game changer you then say – ‘backfire!’ And announce that all the dares thought up now have to be done by themselves. Oh, the regret.

Shark Attack

There’s always those trundles between bars, or the long walk to the club when you need to provide some entertainment for the crew. A great one for this is Shark Attack. As everyone is in full swing making their way to the next drinking hole, shout ‘shark attack!’ this indicates everyone in the group needs to get themselves off the ground – jump on a bench, a lamp post, a wall, each other! The last one off the floor gets a forfeit.

Tell ‘Em

What a way to cause mayhem and drama. Basically, every stag gets a ‘tell em!’ for the evening. They can choose to use it when a comment is said about another person behind their back. This could be someone saying they hate someone’s outfit or saying how ugly a girl is at the bar. You say ‘tell em!’ and that person MUST confess what they have said to the person it was about. Can get mean, can get cringey but is downright hilarious!

Synchronised Watches

Firstly do exactly as this states and synchronised your watches or phones to the exact same time. Then, from the minutes of 01 and 29 you must drink with your left hand and the 31 and 59 you must drink with your right hand. On the minutes of 00 or 30, no drinking must be done at all. Anyone not obeying to this has to down their drink.


We must say this should be done responsibly. So one ‘whoosh’ per person, per evening should be more than enough! When you use your ‘whoosh’(shout it loud and proud) everyone must done their drink in a big whoosh!

If these have tickled your taste buds, and you do fancy something more in depth take a look at our other stag do games blog posts – games to get your stag do started, stag do drinking games part 1, stag do drinking games part 2 and stag do card games.  

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