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Stag Do Ideas Spotlight–Binocular Football


The last couple of years has seen the rise of many-a quirky and truly original stag do ideas – from Horror Experiences to Bubble Football and even the belly busting Stag vs. Food. As stag do organising experts we are constantly researching and looking to expand our ranges in order to bring you guys the very latest activity trends and ultimately the a massive choice!

The newest of these stag do ideas being Binocular Football – weird name we know, but there is simply no other way to describe it. No it’s not playing football from extremely far away, or having a kick about in micro scale! Read on to clear things up…

So you’ve chosen the city, check. Chosen the t-shirts, check. Chosen the activity, check. Now the boys are texting you and giving you a bell left right and centre because they have seen your latest Facebook message about Matt’s stag do. “Mate, what on earth is binocular football?” “Am I going to look like Bill Oddie trying to master a football pitch?” So you probably should have explained things a little more instead of sneaking in an update before a game of FIFA (which is now gone completely to pot after the constant interruptions).

We’ve all had plenty of kick abouts with the lads in our time. A friendly dose of competitive spirit see’s you all boasting and exaggerating at just how good a player you are. You may think you’re a pro – but this football game with a difference sorts the men from the boys. OK, we joke – none of you are going to look the epitome of manliness with a pair of awkward looking goggles wrapped round your head! That’s right, you wear them for your entire game – and they make life just that little bit harder. Sunday football afternoons may have seen some laughs before – but nothing will compare to this. The specially designed ‘binoculars’ distort your view, making you feel like you’ve had rather a few pints rather than the experienced player you saw yourself as before. Penalty shootouts are the highlight – simple usually – but here you’ll end up right off target and battling with thin air! Pretty hilarious to watch, it will be the funniest game of football you’ve ever had.


If this has you shouting YESSS! And the end goal is to choose the most original of stag do ideas, you’re on to a winner with this one.  

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