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Our Brand New Sporty Stag Do Ideas

Our product team at Gents Events have been working awfully hard this autumn to secure you the best deals around when it comes to stag do ideas.  An area we have massively developed is our sports section – something you stags are crazy about! The latest (arguably the greatest)of our sporting activities really are something to get excited about.  Read on to find out more on our brand new sporty stag do ideas.

Binocular Football

You may have read our recent blog which delves into the peculiar world of Binocular Football. Wearing a pair of goggles (prepare to look like your back in a science class and about to bust out a Bunsen burner) which distort your vision in various ways – you first take part in practice games and warm up.  One set of binoculars make you feel like you’re constantly about to fall over, and the other replicates the way you feel when you’ve had one too many (probably how you will feel on your stag night out – so best get used to it!) Then comes the big game – a kick about with a difference! Remember to charge your phones for this one lads, you’ll want to record how stupid everyone looks when completely missing the ball on their penalty shot!


A school classic and made famous by the film of the same name – “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!” Thankfully the coaches will be leaving their toolbox at home and provide specially designed and sized balls instead. These are less painful for the unsuccessful dodger and his various body parts susceptible to being in the shooting line (you understand!). A variety of games are played and if you’re the stag prepare to be pummeled! This is all before the ultimate game of dodgeball commences – twist, bend and move away from those pesky balls – if they touch you, you’re out. And you won’t want to do the forfeits in store!

School Sports Day

Be whizzed back in time to a generation when you were carefree and full of life. Your biggest worries back then were how you were going to convince your Mum to let you stay up past 8pm. Battle in out in retro races like the egg and spoon race, the 3 legged race and the sack race. Teams are aptly your standard colours, so one glimpse at the equipment and your back in that PE hall or on your school field (I can smell it now). Hula hoops, bean bags and the grand finale of the space hopper challenge! Grab your plimsolls, shorts and collared tee – there’s some serious old school sports day fun to be had.

Love the sound of all this? You’d be mad if you didn’t, competitive fun with a difference is all that’s needed for the best activity filled stag weekend. You’ll love our other sporty stag do ideas including Bubble Football, Footgolf and Turbo 10 Cricket

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