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Did you have your Stag Do Cardiff in 2015? You could be one of our Twitter Stars!


Here at Gents Events, our cities are like our mates – we love them all but have soft spots for some of them. This is the case for myself and the wonder that is Cardiff.

This year especially, 2015 has been a fantastic year for the city. As always we have built up our activity ranges here with loads of great options, most recently including Binocular Football, Dodgeball, School Sports Day and Turbo 10 Cricket.

Cardiff was featured in our Top 5 Stag Do Cities this year – being a hub for all things sport and offering delicious food and drink as well as being the birthplace of many a famous name.  Cardiff doesn’t shy away from the unique and novelty – daytimes
are vibrant with adventure
. The nightlife in Cardiff is just as exciting with many a quirky bar and crazy experiences around for you to try. It’s no wonder we highly recommend you have your stag do in Cardiff! But you don’t have to take our word for it – take it from the horse’s mouth (or the stags in this case). Words are great I hear you say, but visual evidence works wonders. Thousands of lads went on a stag do in Cardiff in 2015 and we’ve trawled their Twitter pics for the best in order to give you a glimpse into just what an amazing weekender you could have yourself –

The Traditional Stag


A summer stag do for Bennett and the lads in July this year. Stag do t-shirts, check. Shorts, check. Pints, check (empty though!). Portrait complete with some friendly shoulder squeezing and leg stroking!

The Baby Stag

We can see why this certain outfit was chosen for this stag – look at those rosy cheeks and that fresh face! From the tweet you lads must’ve had an awesome time, getting back into routine after a heavy weekend on the bottle is always hard!

The Uncle Stag

Ryan, these look like one crazy bunch to hang out with for a mad weekend in Cardiff. Liquid lunch complete with mayo, ketchup and vinegar – hanging outside the ladies – keeping it classy lads!

The Road Trip Stag

We count 21stags in the picture – and assume there’s another one taking the picture. Matty, you’re a popular guy and certainly needed a massive coach to get you all to Cardiff. Questionable choice of woolly hat though – and we hope someone didn’t forget their phone after this shot!

The Raving Stag

Another class choice of fancy dress here – you can never go wrong dressing the stag in a pink tutu. It looks like he’s calling the rest of his stag do fairies for a hilarious night out in Cardiff city.

Spot anyone? Let them know! In need of anymore Cardiff stag do inspiration visit our city page or download your FREE Cardiff city guide here. If in need of a more condensed piece about the best activities in Cardiff – take a look at our infographic.

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