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Dictionary for your Stag Weekend in Manchester

There’s just months to go until that mad stag weekend in Manchester and preparation is key – importantly you should get plenty of sleep ahead of the get go, pack ‘inappropriately’ (when else do you get to ‘ey?) and make sure you’re sufficiently hydrated. Perhaps not most crucial but will help you out – and if not it’s just a right good laugh is this proper mint Manc dictionary we’ve put together for you. There’s no doubt you’ll notice the locals talk their own talk as well as walking their own walk; just think about the Gallagher brothers and you’ll get the idea. Unlike Liam and Noel though, we want everyone to get on – both within the stag group and the stags with the locals. So take a look at our translation list and get practicing that accent to sure you’re all a hit on that stag weekend in Manchester

Chuddy - Chewing gum

Eg. “Want a chuddy?”

Gaggin’ – Thirsty

Eg. “Im gaggin for a pint”

Keks – Trousers

Eg. “Pull yer keks up!”

Daft ‘apeth – stupid person

Eg. “Hurry up you daft ‘apeth”

Cock – Mate or friend

Eg. “Alright cock”

Buzzin’ – Excited

Eg. “I’m buzzin’ for this stag weekend”

Our kid – close friend or sibling

Eg. “Hiya our kid”

Lamp – To hit

Eg. “Then, he just lamped him one!”

See your arse – To be annoyed

Eg. “I can see you’ve seen your arse!”


Mancunians are particularly descriptive and expressive – most so when expressing disgust. Use any of the following -

‘Anging – Not nice

Eg. “He was proper ‘angin”

Mingin’ – Revolting

Eg. “The weather was mingin’”

Bobbins – Rubbish

Eg. “That film was bobbins”

On the flip side – they also get rather excited when they find something amazing! Words for this expression are -

Sound – Really nice

Eg. “Dave is proper sound”

Mint – Great

Eg. “That night out was mint!”


Don’t be afraid to exaggerate, on a stag do we expect you’ll have a lot to shout about. Team the above disgust and amazing terms with any of the below to give your meaning extra oomph!

Dead – very

Eg. “The band was dead good”

Well – really

Eg. “She was well up for it!”

Proper – seriously

Eg. “That bar was proper cool”


Lesser known than cockneys for their rhyming slang but still very present in Mancunian slang, although we’re not as sure when you’ll need these next couple, but interesting all the same.

Salfords - Salford Docks – Socks

Eg. “Pull up yer Salfords”

Newtons – Newton Heath – Teeth

Eg. “Go and brush your Newtons”


If in doubt, blag it with the constant replacement of no for ‘nah’. As well as calling out “mad fer it!” when things get a little crazy. Celebration needed? “Ave it!!!”

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