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Why have your stag do in Cambridge?

Home to the Duke (not so bothered) and Duchess (hot) of Cambridge, why not head to this well respected and superb city for a top notch weekend like no other. An array of traditional pubs, contemporary restaurants, gothic architecture and the surrounding stunning landscape (and of course the posh ladies!) With a world renowned university that educated some of the UK’s most prestigious chaps such as Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and Stephen Fry you will be left in absolute awe.

Travelling around Cambridge couldn’t be easier, why not go on a punt over the River Cam; enjoy your own chauffeur guide you around the beautiful city. Guaranteed to feel like royalty whilst you discover the historical features, heritage buildings and punting pubs along the way.

Once night falls you will be spoilt for choice whilst partying, walking the cobbled streets (it’s always a laugh watching the high heeled women trying to totter along the road!) with various well established bars and clubs to choose from. We recommend visiting either Downing Street or Regent Street for a good night out with a lively vibrant buzz. 

Many witty comic genius’s used to reside in Cambridge including John Cleese, Jimmy Carr and Sacha Baron Cohen which we think is pretty awesome. With its vibrant happenings all year round like the likes of Cambridge Folk Festival, Cambridge Comedy Festival and numerous others you can understand why it’s becoming a much loved stag do location. Who knows you may even see the saucy Middleton sisters if you’re lucky, so make sure you chaps are looking dapper!

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